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Ребе Король Мошиах

Из учении Любавичского Ребе ШЛИТА Короля Мошиаха… «Ликутей Сихот», «Итваадует», «Сихот Кодеш», «Маамарим», «Игрот Кодеш»…

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Make a teacher for yourself

Make a teacher for yourself

“I suggested and requested, with a “request of the soul” (and beyond, but at the moment I don't have a more suitable expression) that this should be publicized everywhere - that it would be worthwhile and very proper for every Jewish man and woman and child to fulfill the instruction of the Mishna, “asei lecha rav,” “make a teacher for yourself” - and go to him from time to time in order to ascertain where you stand with regard to your avodas Hashem.”
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