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Revolutionary protests continue in Iran

The larger the protest wave among policemen and soldiers becomes, the faster the criminal Iranian regime will collapse.

22.12.2022 277 (0)
Revolutionary protests continue in Iran
Revolutionary protests continue in Iran

The numerous publications on the subject in recent days summarize that protests are now taking place in 134 cities and 132 universities throughout Iran. According to various sources, the authorities have already arrested about 18,450 people up to this very day. At least 469 protesters have already been killed by Basij militants of The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, 63 of whom were underaged persons - teenagers and even children!

Official sources of the Iranian regime admitted the killing of about 62 people so far. Even this number of people clearly demonstrates the unprecedented scale of the ongoing confrontation.

The mass protest at Iranian universities is also a new tendency in the present times. The regime is trying to suppress the student uprising in a variety of ways. Recently it was reported that 1,200 students were poisoned and complained about the severe pain, hallucinations, and presented evidence that their food had been poisoned. It became well known publicly that many students are consciously refusing to eat food from the dining halls, stating that they are being poisoned. University professors in solidarity with the students quitted the universities, the others cancelled their classes.

The confrontation with the regime has been going on for three and a half months, a clear indication that this is not just another "wave" of demonstration as has already happened several times in Iran. This is a totally national uprising.

The similar view is shared by almost all experts, who research modern Iranian politics. Such understanding of the situation is also manifested in the objectives of the protesters. In contrast to previous demonstrations, the majority of protesters are not demanding economic improvements or a election results revision, but rather complete change of regime. This is a completely new situation for Iran, where the protest movement is supported completely in all ethnic and social sectors of the country.

The government, despite the use of extremely brutal measures, is unable to suppress the protests. More and more reports and documents are appearing, including photographs of arrested protesters who have been tortured. There is evidence that their families are also being threatened. There are shocking pictures of people brutally beaten by IRGC fighters.

Iran is also using the technological services of Russia and China to track the demonstrators, to shut down Internet services and social media in an effort to eliminate the attempts of the revolutionaries to organize the joint actions.

The U.S., Canada, Britain and New Zealand have announced sanctions against a number of Iranian regime individuals or entities involved in brutal repression of civilians in the past few months.

Among those who have joined the protesters or expressed their support for them, there are already many military officials, special forces members and even pilots. There are also quite a few policemen.

The larger the protest wave among policemen and soldiers becomes, the faster the criminal Iranian regime will collapse.

Let us hope and pray to the Almighty, may His Name be blessed, that we may see the miracle of the fall of the evil Iranian regime this Chanukah holiday!

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