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Exploring the Downfall of the Mubarak Regime in Egypt

All this clearly and unambiguously demonstrates Mubarak's true intentions and hypocrisy.

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Exploring the Downfall of the Mubarak Regime in Egypt
Exploring the Downfall of the Mubarak Regime in Egypt

One of the most dramatic collapses of statehood in the series of uprisings and rebellions that have afflicted the Arab world over the last decade and a half was, undoubtedly, the fall of the Mubarak regime in Egypt.

Some will say that Mubarak had a "cold peace" with Israel, but I think it would be more accurate to call the relationship between our countries during those years a "cold war".

After all, it was Mubarak who was persistently developing a powerful and modern army, preparing for the "hot phase" - a full-scale war with Israel. In fact, on several occasions, he almost initiated it.

Indeed, it was during the regime of Mubarak, which came to power after the assassination of Sadat, when a new devious strategy appeared, in accordance with which Egypt refused to fulfill about fifty treaties and agreements that were part of the peace agreement with Israel. In fact, Mubarak has completely destroyed the "peace" agreement, completely nullifying it, leaving it without any real meaningful content, which was supposed to bring real peace. Full commercial relations, mutual free and safe tourism, an end to the hateful anti-Semitic propaganda in the Egyptian media and education system, visits by political and military leaders, and much more, have all been consistently and ruthlessly frozen by Mubarak.

Despite all the promises and agreements listed above, for the sake of which Israel has surrendered two-thirds of its territory, giving Egypt the entire Sinai Peninsula, with its fields and resorts, Israel has been subjected to a total diplomatic war waged against us on the international stage by Mubarak's Egypt, poisonous and unprecedented anti-Israeli propaganda in the Egyptian media, first of all, governmental media, the complete disruption of economic and trade relations (except those areas in which Egypt needed Israel's help, receiving products from us for less than market prices), and the end of tourism (Egyptians who dared to visit Israel were so closely investigated by the Egyptian security services that they virtually stopped all visits).

At the same time, as already mentioned, Mubarak was building a formidable and powerful army, equipped with the most advanced Western weapons. Thanks to the "peace" treaty signed with Israel, Egypt received the best American, British, French and German weapons practically without restrictions. Moreover, a considerable part of it was given to Egypt free of charge - at the expense of annual US military aid as part of the "peace agreement".

The Egyptian army had at its disposal about 240 "F-16" fighters, dozens of "Phantom" and "Mirage-2000" planes, and during the last years there were also added modern and high-quality "Rafale" planes and many other things.

Egypt has also bought US "Hercules" and "Chinook" helicopters for military transportation, planes for information gathering and air control, thousands of tanks (M-60 and Abrams - the equivalent of the Israeli Merkava), thousands of armored personnel carriers and artillery units, dozens of warships, anti-aircraft missiles ("Hawk", "Chaparral", "Stinger" and others), "smart bombs," "smart missiles," and more. ), "smart" bombs and missiles - guided and accurate, a lot of electronic equipment of all kinds for communication, intelligence decoding and electronic warfare, radar systems, control and management systems and much more.

Egypt under Mubarak also continued large-scale projects that posed a strategic threat to Israel - huge tunnels under the Suez Canal for the upcoming rapid, secret and Air Force-protected transfer of large army formations to the Sinai. The Israeli government did not expect this obviously hostile move when it signed the "peace" treaty and handed over the vast territory of the peninsula to the enemy, but the Egyptians immediately exploited the "loophole", in fact, blatantly violating the spirit of the agreement.

It was quite clear to everyone that the tunnels through the Suez Canal were being built as a preparation for Egyptian aggression against Israel.

Furthermore, in direct violation of the intent of the treaty, the Egyptians gradually inserted large army forces disguised as "policemen" and "border guards" into Israel's Sinai, which was to remain a demilitarized zone. Then, eventually, through direct violation of the treaty, large army units were deployed there, this time without any disguise, allegedly as part of the war on terror.

Even after the overthrow of the Mubarak regime, which happened on the seventh day of Adar 5771 (2011) (the birth and commemoration day of Moshe Rabbeinu), a senior official of his government was interviewed, saying that Mubarak had been consistent in his desire to weaken Israel, which is why he had allowed Hamas to dig 1500 tunnels to smuggle weapons from the peninsula into the Gaza Strip. Through these tunnels, Hamas has smuggled thousands of Iranian rockets (Pajer 3 and Pajer 5 and others), regularly attacking Jewish towns and villages.

All this clearly and unambiguously demonstrates Mubarak's true intentions and hypocrisy.

By the way, it was Mubarak who helped to create powerful terrorist groups in Sinai that made it really dangerous to visit the area. From his point of view, all this was supposed to, G-d forbid, weaken Israel and harm us.

The fact that the downfall of his evil regime happened precisely in the month of Adar shows that the downfall was part of divine providence, a manifestation of a true miracle for the good of the people of Israel.

It is worth noting that it has been known for years in Israel that Mubarak was planning to go to war with the Jewish state. Occasionally certain information was even leaked to the media. Moreover, Egypt had openly threatened Israel on more than one occasion, when our army was carrying out counter-terrorist operations to protect the citizens against arab PA terrorists.

These threats, which became more and more outrageous, were prepared by the growing might of the Egyptian army, which was becoming more modernized and better armed as a result of the "peace" agreement. In Israel, especially during the "Oslo" and "Disengagement" years, they preferred not to notice or discuss it, but the Egyptian threats increasingly limited the freedom of action of our army.

After Mubarak was overthrown and the Muslim Brotherhood came to power in Egypt, the country experienced another coup and since then has been deeply entangled in a severe civil war that continues to this day.

We are actually witnessing the fulfillment of another prophecy of the coming Redemption described by the prophet Yeshayahu: "And I will stir up Egyptians against Egyptians, and they shall war one man against his brother, and a man against his friend, a city against a city and a province against a province...."

This, of course, is also the fulfillment of another prophecy: "He will smite the Egyptians with their first born, for His mercy is everlasting". Our sages, commenting this verse, said that the Almighty would smite Egypt by means of "its first born," as He already did on the eve of the exodus from Egypt. When the Egyptian first born, fearful of the coming "punishment of the first born", went to war with Pharaoh's army, demanding that he let the people of Israel go. In this war of brothers, as the Midrash relates, 600,000 Egyptians died.

Now, just before the true and complete Redemption, we are once again confronted with the severe internal conflicts raging in Egypt. It is no coincidence that our sacred texts predict that once again the miracles that occurred during our exodus from Egypt will take place just before Redemption.

"In the month of Nisan they were freed; and in the month of Nisan may they be also blessed with the Redemption!"

Translated by D. Bilyayev from Анализ падения режима Мубарака в Египте Comments: 0 Support www.moshiach.ru