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Iran’s Deputy Defence Minister was a British spy

Akbari was also involved in reporting information about hundreds of Iranian senior officials, statesmen and scientists, some of whom have been killed or wounded in various assassination attempts.

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Iran’s Deputy Defence Minister was a British spy
Alireza Akbari photo: iranwire.com

An exceptionally remarkable investigation has been published recently in the New York Times: according to interviews with British and American intelligence officers, Iran’s deputy defense minister was a British spy.

It is worth noting that unconfirmed reports of this have appeared and been discussed many times previously, over the past few years. However, after Ali Reza Akbari was executed in Iran, it seems that intelligence officials are permitted to reveal more details about this remarkable case.

Apparently, Iran’s deputy defense minister, who was also a former senior commander of the terrorist organization Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), moved to London because he had actually been spying for the United Kingdom several years earlier and had given the British valuable, extensive and detailed information about the nuclear project as well as about the Iranian army.

Moreover, according to the indictment published in Iran, Akbari was also involved in reporting information about hundreds of Iranian senior officials, statesmen and scientists, some of whom have been killed or wounded in various assassination attempts. One of them was a leading nuclear scientist, Fakhrizadeh, who, according to foreign publications, was liquidated by Israeli secret services in 2020.

Rumors that Akbari was a spy had been circulating for a long time, but it was only after his death that the Iranian regime officially announced it, accusing the former deputy defense minister of leaking the regime’s deepest secrets to Britain, Western countries and Israel.

According to statements published in the New York Times, Akbari actually worked for British intelligence and managed to pass on much valuable information, most notably about the top-secret and especially well-fortified underground uranium enrichment plant located in Fordow.

This facility of the Iranian nuclear infrastructure, which the Iranian authorities tried to keep as a “state secret”, became known to the West, obviously only because of Akbari. Eventually the evidence of its existence was widely published all over the world, and this made the bosses of the Iranian regime extremely angry.

The Fordow plant, built under a mountain with the aim of preventing it from being hit by an air attack, has thousands of centrifuges for enriching uranium.

However, it is revealed now that this dangerous and top-secret facility was apparently exposed mainly by the Iranian deputy defense minister, who was a spy in the service of the United Kingdom.

In any case, the publication of these revelations clearly demonstrates that Israel and the Western countries are receiving tremendous help from the Almighty in the fight against the Iranian regime. Thanks to such help, our intelligence services are able to penetrate deep into the heart of the Iranian regime, and get access to its innermost secrets. This is what makes it possible to carry out regular, effective and extremely sensitive strikes against the Iranian regime’s nuclear facilities and the leading figures in the nuclear project. These are the strikes that we are regularly finding out in the news.

This deep insight into the secrets of the Iranian regime by Israeli and Western intelligence also gives us confidence that we have considerable knowledge of what is going on at the secret Iranian facilities, and therefore, to a significant extent, we are in control of the situation.

Therefore, if necessary, we will also be able to attack Iranian nuclear infrastructures effectively and successfully. Obviously, this fact is well understood by the leaders of the Iranian regime. This understanding of their own vulnerability is what creates a strong deterrent factor. No wonder the Iranian regime prefers to avoid direct conflict with Israel and the West, acting covertly and using only its proxies like Hizbullah.

As for us, it is important to understand that our intelligence services really have all the necessary information about the Iranian regime’s bosses. They have a lot of information about the regime’s capabilities, its top officials, its weaknesses, etc. In other words, the Iranian regime is vulnerable and understands its weaknesses, and therefore, at least at present, is not interested in war with Israel, as I have stressed many times in the past and contrary to various “experts” who earn their ratings by terrifying the Israelis.

Translated by D. Bilyayev From Замминистра обороны Ирана был британским шпионом

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