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The wicked nations will be wiped out!

The open statement of the vile criminal went without any condemnation from the progressivist Biden administration and the governments of the Arab and Western world.

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The wicked nations will be wiped out!
The wicked nations will be wiped out!

As we move closer and closer to Redemption, which in some aspects is already becoming a part of our lives, there are fewer and fewer secrets and many truths that were previously hidden to most are being exposed, becoming obvious to everyone. Thus, the lying, hypocritical, anti-democratic and destructive nature of American progressivists (who have taken over the Democratic Party of the United States) is becoming clearer and clearer to more and more people.

More and more people are beginning to realize the evil nature and power of the Iranian regime ( just a short time ago there were many people who laughed at Netanyahu’s warnings about the Iranian danger). For decades, the Iranian ayatollahs denied their involvement in terror attacks around the world, including those against Jews and Israel, but now that they have attacked us with all their might and only miraculously failed to do us much harm, the truth is clear to everyone.

In Israel itself, it is becoming clear to more and more people the fundamental danger of abandoning the Land of Israel — every wrongful retreat, ostensibly for the sake of peace, has only resulted in greater strengthening of the enemies and greater sacrifices. Retreats and concessions to enemies always led only to more victims. Begin’s transfer of the vast Sinai Peninsula to Egypt has now made it a breeding ground for Islamic extremism. The nightmarish Oslo Accords signed by Rabin and Peres led to the loss of control over parts of Judea, Samaria and Gaza and the emergence of the villainous Palestinian Authority, a terrorist enclave in the center of the country. Barak’s retreat from Lebanon turned the small terrorist group Hizbullah into a strategic threat to Israel. Sharon’s horrific Operation Disengagement — the deportation of Jews from the Gaza Strip — ended with the emergence of a Muslim Brotherhood enclave in the Strip that brought the October 7 Shoah upon us...

Another revelation of the truth is the realization by more and more people in the world of the disgusting and evil nature of the regime in Qatar, the patron of the Muslim Brotherhood. This regime spends enormous amounts of money in the Western world, including Israel, to be portrayed as a “fair mediator,” a friend of the West, etc. But now we can clearly see that this country, along with Iran, is supporting and sponsoring Islamic terror around the world. Last week, a former senior Mossad official admitted that Qatar is the country that finances Islamic terror around the world even more than Iran!

A few days ago, Qatar’s official representative to the Arab League boastfully declared on live TV: “Operation Al-Aqsa (as the villains call the horrific crimes committed by Gazans against the residents of neighboring Jewish villages and towns on October 7) is just a prelude! A prelude to the annihilation of all Jews!”

The open statement of the vile criminal went without any condemnation from the progressivist Biden administration and the governments of the Arab and Western world. Let me remind you, there are also people in Israel who demanded that the government send our negotiators to Qatar — supposedly a “fair mediator” — to discuss a deal with Hamas. This is instead of sending a “cleansing unit” from the Mossad there.

Either way, revealing the truth in its entirety, including in our personal lives, gives us more strength to confront the lies and eliminate them once and for all. As the Psalms say: “The wicked grow like grass, and all those who practice iniquity flourish in order to be destroyed forever”!

Translated by D. Bilyayev From Нечестивые народы будут истреблены! Comments: 0

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