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U.S. intensifies efforts to counter Iranian drone production

The New York Times article reports that the American fight against Iranian drone strikes has multiple vectors.

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U.S. intensifies efforts to counter Iranian drone production
U.S. intensifies efforts to counter Iranian drone production

The New York Times is reporting on a serious effort by the US administration in trying to cut off Iran’s production and supply of strike drones to Russia, which are then used for attacks against civilian infrastructures in Ukraine...

In media interviews in the United States, Europe and the Middle East, a number of U.S. intelligence, military and national security officials spoke about the U.S. administration’s expanding plans. The purpose of these plans is to disable Iran from producing attack drones and to make it difficult for Russian forces to use them. If this doesn’t work, the U.S. intends to provide Ukraine with the necessary air defense equipment to intercept and shoot down Iranian military drones.

The extent of the effort has become clear in recent weeks. After an examination of fragments of shot-down Iranian drones revealed that they were equipped with US-made technology, the US administration has accelerated steps to cut off Iran’s access to Western-made components needed to build strike drones.

The U.S. military is also helping the Ukrainian military determine the locations of drones before they are launched. The Americans are also working hard to introduce new technologies that provide early warning of approaching drone groups, thereby increasing the Ukrainian military’s chances of shooting them down with air defenses such as anti-aircraft guns and missile launchers.

May the Almighty be blessed for all these activities!

As we know, Israel has long been concerned about possible drone attacks by Iran and its proxies like Hizbullah. So the fact that the U.S. is now mobilizing its forces to combat Iranian drone attacks can only make us happy! By the grace of the Almighty, blessed be His name, one of the most serious dangers to Israel, God willing, will be diminished.

The New York Times article reports that the American fight against Iranian drone strikes has multiple vectors.

First, it is directed against the production itself. Iran is being denied access to components based on American technology. This leads to a reduction in production or a switch to Chinese and Russian components, which have much worse characteristics, are generally less reliable, and also tend to have a higher number of malfunctions.

Obviously, all of this contributes to the benefit of Israel, since, ultimately, it reduces the number and worsens the quality of Iranian drones.

Secondly, there is the question of determining the launch sites of the strike drones. This, also, is beneficial to Israel, because the experience that the U.S. and Ukraine are now accumulating in locating them will eventually help Israel as well.

Thirdly, the early warning technologies and methods for dealing with drones and groups of drones (capable of attacking a single target simultaneously, making it very difficult to defend itself) also represent very important experience for Israel to improve our methods for dealing with drones.

Finally, by the grace of the Almighty, while NATO and the United States are supporting Ukraine, Iranian cooperation with Russia against Ukraine is putting a growing number of Western countries against Iran.

As a result, the struggle of the West against the Russian invasion of Ukraine now extends to the confrontation with the progress of Iranian military capabilities.

All of this, by the grace of the Almighty, is for the good of Israel!

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