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Israel: we will not let the Iranian regime create nuclear weapons

This is all about preventing the situation from leading to a direct military confrontation with Iran.

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Israel: we will not let the Iranian regime create nuclear weapons

Amid media reports that the Iranian regime has increased uranium enrichment to 84 percent (dangerously close to the military level of 90 percent), Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant made the following statement:

“The Iranian threat should be back on the list of world priorities. Iran is closer to obtaining nuclear weapons than ever before and has almost reached a red line. We will not let it cross that line, all options are on the table. Our obligation is to protect Israel and the Jewish people.”

Йоав Галант в  «770»
Йоав Галант в  «770»

In addition to what the defense minister said, there were media reports yesterday about five secret meetings recently held by the prime minister to discuss measures to confront Iran.

Let us recall that not so long ago it became known about the intention of the Israeli Defense Ministry to purchase 25 aircraft F-15s of the latest model. Now, new media reports indicate that there is a discussion about the possibility of purchasing 50 similar aircraft, as well as upgrading 25 existing Ra’am aircraft (F-15 of an older model) to the level of modern models.

In addition, there is also discussion about the possibility of purchasing at least 25 new stealth attack planes (stealth aircraft), and this is on top of a deal to acquire 50 stealth aircraft, which is mostly completed up to now. It is possible that this latest contract will also be expanded to the purchase of 50 stealth planes.

When such a deal actually occurs, it will be one of Israel’s most remarkable military purchases. It is clear that such a large number of advanced warplanes are being purchased for the sole purpose of creating a containment force against the Iranian regime and, in case the containment measures may not succeed and all efforts to disrupt the Iranian nuclear project fail, it will become the necessary force to destroy the Iranian military infrastructures.

It is important to understand that such a scenario (if containment maesures may fail) remains quite elusive.

However, in order to strengthen the containment of the Iranian regime, to force it to stop enriching uranium to the military level and not to approach the “red line,” Israel will be forced to continue to threaten and conduct large-scale exercises. In addition, from time to time, when it discloses the information about those secret meetings, it will put pressure on the U.S. administration and initiate operational measures to prevent the Iranian nuclear project from moving forward.

This is all about preventing the situation from leading to a direct military confrontation with Iran.

I think the preventive scenario is possible. And with G-d’s help, we will not have the need to escalate the situation to a war. Especially since the revolutionary protest of the Iranian people against the criminal regime in Tehran has not stopped (although it has decreased its scale recently).

The stalling measures that Israel initiated during the years of Netanyahu’s previous cadence were, with G-d’s help, quite successful. Let’s hope that these successful actions will still be continued and intensified right now with all the strength, determination and skill, with faith that G-d will surely help us to prevent the evil fanatic regime from acquiring nuclear weapons.

Translated by D. Bilyayev from Израиль: не позволим иранскому режиму создать ядерное оружие Comments: 0 Support www.moshiach.ru