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The Leftist Putsch against Israel

The people who just recently claimed to be the “salt of the earth” are now refusing to defend their native country from a terrible enemy, only to surrender to their political opponents.

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The Leftist Putsch against Israel
The Leftist Putsch against Israel

A prequel to the dismissal of the defense minister

Just before the dismissal, Defense Minister Galant took a series of steps to undermine the progress of the current government’s most important project: the democratic legal reform. Furthermore, it seems that Galant also initiated secret negotiations with representatives of the opposition, primarily with Ganz. No wonder that Netanyahu saw all of this as a direct threat to the integrity of the coalition.

In this case, in spite of the fact that Galant voted in favor of reform in the Knesset legislative committee, it is clear that many of his actions were, in the view of the prime minister, unacceptable violations of the rules.

First of all, recently there have been a surprising number of anonymous “leaks from a high-ranking security official” (obviously this anonymous person was Gallant himself), who claimed that the reform was “harmful to the army” and that it should therefore be stopped.

Secondly, Galant made it clear that he would vote against the reform. The rejection of one of the most senior ministers to support the main coalition project is obviously incompatible with his long-term presence in the government.

Thirdly, and perhaps most crucially, Gallant broke a promise he had made the day before to the prime minister. Galant had promised not to make any dramatic statements at all until the time Netanyahu returned from his official visit to London. In reality, Galant gave a speech while Netanyahu was still abroad. Even worse, he suggested that his speech was approved by the Prime Minister.

Finally, “somebody” leaked to the media that they were told that Galant demanded a meeting of the cabinet in order to introduce the ministers to the damage that would be caused to the army by further implementation of the reform, and that the Prime Minister refused to do this. Apart from this, Netanyahu’s entourage categorically denies that Galant requested any cabinet meeting at all.

Clearly, the result of all the aforementioned facts is a complete loss of confidence in Galant by the Prime Minister. In this situation, it is barely possible for Netanyahu to keep Galant in his present position.

Moreover, the official release on behalf of the Prime Minister states that the dismissal of the Minister of Defense was a result of Galant’s total inability to stop the “refusal” phenomenon in the Army, i.e. the public open refusal of the leftist reservists to do their service because they object to the policies of the legitimately elected government.

Leftist “refused reservists” are now grabbing the country by the throat

National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir commented on Galant’s firing as follows: “The public is hungry for reform. Those who surrender to the ‘refused reservists’ cannot remain in the government even for a moment. Galant proved incapable of resisting blackmail. Similarly, he proved incapable of effectively resisting terror. The prime minister has taken the necessary step, and I support him.”

We should remind you that in recent weeks we have witnessed an extremely dangerous scale of public “refusal”, taking place with the absolute acquiescence of the defense minister (and, indeed, of the highest military officials). In recent days, this phenomenon, secretly approved by the demonstrably silent opposition leaders and President Herzog, has reached an appalling scale.

Thus, nearly a hundred doctors and many pilots announced that they were refusing to enlist in the reserves. Among those declaring refusal are several dozen pilots from the 69th Air Force Squadron.

We are talking about the F-15I fighter squadron, the “Raam”, one of the highest quality military aircraft in the Israeli Air Force, capable of carrying a wide range of different weapons at particularly long range. It is fair to say that the F-15I is the most important aircraft in the Israeli Air Force, far superior in its capabilities in terms of range and number of weapons to both stealth planes and F-16 “Sufa” planes.

They are, shortly speaking, the exact kind of planes needed to suppress Iranian nuclear power.

Basically, the pilots who refused to continue their reserve service cynically declared that if the legitimate government of Israel continues to promote democratic reforms, “the attack on the Iranian nuclear facilities will not be carried out”...

In other words, these men have made it clear that for the sake of their political preferences, they are prepared to leave millions of Israelis unprotected from the worst threat that Israel has ever faced: the nuclear destruction of the entire country.

However, despite this blatant disgrace and cynicism of the pilots, former Defense Minister Galant actually divest oneself of any further connection with or responsibility for this, refusing to take any action to restore discipline among the reservists.

Obviously, the haters of Israel are taking great pleasure in watching this whole situation, hoping that Israel is now much weaker.

That is why, irrespective of reform, the phenomenon of “refusal” in the army must be stopped in the strictest possible way.

The Supreme Court: it is okay to fire a minister (when it benefits the Left)

The Left has said that the dismissal of the defense minister is unacceptable.

We would like to remind you that a long time ago, in 2005, just before the so-called “Disengagement” — the deportation of Jews from Gaza and the handing it over to the terrorists — Prime Minister Sharon actually fired the Chief of Staff, who disagreed with the policy of the government. Back then, all those who are now outraged by Galant’s dismissal declared simultaneously that it was the right and inevitable thing to do....

It was at that time that Sharon also fired Minister Uzi Landau, Deputy Minister Michael Razon and other ministers who had opposed the “Disengagement” with a single directive.

Moreover, the Supreme Court approved the decision and even issued a precedent-setting ruling, saying: "The Prime Minister has the right to remove a minister from office if he is convinced "that it undermines the government’s ability to function properly as the executive branch of the state and to carry out its political goals.

The judges then emphasized that within the limits of his authority, “the prime minister can take into account various political considerations, including the need to preserve the coalition and ensure that it continues to function while the Knesset is in session.”

Moreover, the judges wrote that the prime minister can remove a minister because of divergent political positions and the minister’s rejection of the prime minister’s policy moves, “if the prime minister is convinced that dismissal will help the government continue to function properly.”

The judges noted that, they said, "such political considerations are quite legitimate. They also made it clear that such a dismissal could be carried out "even prior to a fateful decision, and that the prime minister is not bound by coalition agreements when he uses his power to dismiss a minister.

In other words, it is abundantly clear that there is no legal, procedural, or substantive problem in firing Galant, who acted contrary to government policy.

And even if purely political considerations are involved — they are absolutely appropriate, also, in accordance with the decision of the Supreme Court...

The Left: We are allowed to do anything

Nevertheless, the left responded to Galant’s dismissal with widespread violence and hooliganism in the streets. At night, a dozen leftist rioters stormed the police and security barriers protecting the Prime Minister’s home in Jerusalem — and almost made their way to the very entrance! A large police force, including a heavy mounted police force, was summoned to the scene, which eventually drove the rioters back.

The leaders of the unions intimated that they would blackmail the government, threatening a general strike if it did not give up the democratic reforms.

We emphasize the unprecedented and cynical use of trade union committees for purely political purposes.

The veil of lies is lifting

As I have written many times before, from our point of view, all of this is part of the Redemption process. We are witnessing before our very eyes how state and governmental institutions are dissolving and even disintegrating. But we also see the veil of lies lifting from our eyes.

The people who just recently claimed to be the “salt of the earth” are now refusing to defend their native country from a terrible enemy, only to surrender to their political opponents.

During the infamous “Disengagement”, the tens of thousands of right-wing soldiers and officers could not even think of refusing to defend their country against the enemy because they disagreed with the tragic deportation of tens of thousands of Jews and the destruction of over twenty Jewish communities, executed contrary to public promises and an internal party referendum, which eventually resulted in a terrorist alliance that fired rockets at (as the opponents of the Disengagement warned) all of Israel.

Now the left is claiming that the putsch and pogroms they are plotting are acceptable because they won’t admit defeat in the elections.

All this shows the depth of the lies that are being exposed. It is a painful but inevitable part of the process of spiritual enlightenment that precedes Redemption. As the prophet Daniel says, “They shall see and repent, and shall join with many.”

In order for the truth to be revealed, the lie must collapse! And that’s what’s happening right now — in front of all of us. “In the month of Nisan they were freed; and in the month of Nisan may they be also blessed with the Redemption!” And, of course, let us never forget the words of the Lubavitcher Rebbe SHLITA King Moshiach, that finally, “Redemption will come in goodness and mercy”!

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