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Preliminary results of counterterrorist operation “Shield and Arrow”

One very important instruction from the Home Front is that it is strictly forbidden to go out into the open terrain for several minutes after an Iron Dome missile has been intercepted.

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Preliminary results of counterterrorist operation “Shield and Arrow”
Preliminary results of counterterrorist operation “Shield and Arrow”

On Lag BaOmer, the IDF launched Operation “Shield and Arrow” anti-terrorist operation in the Gaza Strip... By the middle of today (10.5.23), Arab terrorists from the Palestinian Islamic Jihad had fired 270 rockets into Israel. However, 65 of the rockets fell on the Gaza Strip — as it is said, “Their sword shall enter their heart, and their bows shall be broken.” (Tehillim 37:15)!

Out of the 205 rockets that crossed the border, 62 were successfully intercepted, 140 hit open ground, and 3 of them hit residential areas. Nevertheless, by the grace and miracles of the Almighty, all these hits ended almost without casualties.

One of the missiles hit a house in Sderot, but the family was not there at the time. Another rocket hit a kindergarten in the south of the country. This happened in the afternoon, at 2:30 pm, when the kindergarten was already empty, since by that time the children had been taken home for an hour!

The IDF attacked and destroyed over 40 rocket launchers, missile silos and mortar positions.

They also eliminated several terrorist units that were responsible for launching rockets and anti-tank missiles. Thus, by the grace of God, all terrorist attempts to fire anti-tank missiles at Israeli buses or other cars and vehicles were neutralized. In addition, about 100 targets of the terrorist group “Palestinian Islamic Jihad” were attacked.

At the same time, the Israeli army continues to avoid striking Hamas targets because, according to the current operational assessment, that terorist group has been remaining relatively quiet and not taking part in attacks against Israel.

The Home Front Command issued special instructions for settlements within 40 km of the Gaza Strip, specifying that there are no special instructions for more distant areas.

Reports from Egypt indicate that a cease-fire agreement was reached in the early evening. However, as we can see, the terrorists continued to launch rockets at Israeli cities and towns.

In the latest bombardment, one rocket hit a playground in Be’er Sheva and another hit a yeshiva in Netivot. By the grace and miracle of the Almighty, both of these rockets were hit without casualties. Three rockets were also fired at Tel Aviv. One was successfully shot down by the grace of the Almighty and the other two fell into the sea.

Please remember that the alleged cease-fire mentioned in the Egyptian media has not yet been officially announced.

Moreover, as we know from past clashes with terrorists, the terrorist groups always seek to end the cycle of violence with a heavy shelling, including in densely populated areas of Israel. This criminal tactic allows them to “keep their image” in front of their society and to present their next defeat as a “victory”.

Furthermore, it is also possible that the terrorists have decided to deceive public opinion in Israel. By agreeing to negotiate a cease-fire, and even allowing such reports to be leaked to the media, they intended to reduce the Israelis’ alertness and, as they continued to shoot, could cause as many casualties as possible.

Therefore, the residents of the country need to be careful, both in the south of the country and in the Tel Aviv area. It is necessary to listen carefully to the instructions of the Home Front and to follow them!

One very important instruction from the Home Front is that it is strictly forbidden to go out into the open terrain for several minutes after an Iron Dome missile has been intercepted. This is very dangerous because of the large number of falling fragments (both the rocket itself and the interceptor rocket that shot it down).

The IDF command would have to make sure that all these cease-fire reports are not just another attempt by the terrorists to gain time and reduce the Israelis’ alertness. Only then could the residents of the country be informed about the end of the restrictions.

It was announced today that during the current counter-terrorist operation, during a daytime shelling of the Gush Dan area, Israel’s newest and most unique air defense system, the “Magic Wand” (aka “David’s Sling”), was used for the first time, which successfully destroyed a rocket that was fired from the Gaza Strip towards Tel Aviv.

It should be noted that the cost of one such interception with the “David’s Sling” is about 20 times higher than the cost of an Iron Dome interceptor missile. This system is designed to destroy maneuverable and accurate missiles (which Hizbullah has in small numbers, for example) as well as cruise missiles (which the Iranian regime has).

The reason why the system was used today to destroy rockets flying from the Gaza Strip was not reported to the public.

It is possible that the IDF suspected that the terrorists had launched a special, more dangerous missile, but it is far more likely that the military and political leadership decided to test the real-time capability of the “David’s Sling” system against a real threat (after it had been successfully tested in field experiments).

“Praise the Lord for He is good, for His kindness is Everlasting” (Tehillim 136:1)!

It is very important to remember that the original source of all the current troubles was the terrible “Oslo” agreement signed by Rabin and Peres thirty years ago. It was then that the former couple, in a striking act of political short-sightedness, handed over control of the Arab areas of the Gaza Strip (as well as Jericho) to the murderous terrorists from the “Palestine Liberation Organization” (PLO).

This situation has allowed groups such as Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, which are aided by the fanatical Iranian regime, to gain a foothold in the Gaza Strip and create a well-organized terrorist infrastructure there.

After all, twelve years later — in 2005, after Sharon had carried out another terrible plan of “Disengagement” — deported thousands of Jews from Gaza and withdrawn the army — the mighty Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad crushed the PLO and turned Gaza into a terrorist base that now threatens all of Israel.

That is when the Gaza Strip became what it is today: a terrorist outpost of the Iranian regime.

The conclusion from this tragic and educational story is clear — any surrender of the Holy Land territory — the Land of Israel, and in fact, even discussions that would suggest such a surrender are extremely dangerous and end very badly. May we have only good news!

Translated by D. Bilyayev From Промежуточные итоги операции «Щит и стрела» Comments: 0

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