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Operation Shield And Arrow: Day 4

Israel, however, did not leave the terrorists a chance for such an achievement, using the latest and especially high-quality missile defense system.

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Operation Shield And Arrow: Day 4
Operation Shield And Arrow: Day 4

A few hours ago the enemy fired the first rocket at Beit Shemesh, southwest of Jerusalem. The alarm was also given in the Gush Etzion neighborhood and in the city of Beitar Ilit, south of the capital.

By the grace of the Almighty, the missile was successfully shot down by the "David's sling" missile defense system - the most advanced missile system available to Israel at this time, and in fact, one of the most advanced in the world. It should be noted that it costs 20 times more to launch "David's sling" rocket than an "Iron Dome" rocket.

However, despite its high cost, this time it was the "David's sling" system that was used, and there are several reasons for this, in my opinion.

First, it seems that Israel decided to prevent "Islamic Jihad" of the opportunity to demonstrate a "strategic achievement" by launching a missile that managed to reach Jerusalem. That would not even matter where the missile hit, or if it hit anywhere at all - the main thing is that it would have flown a huge distance, proving the group's military-technical capabilities.

It is no coincidence that immediately after the rocket was launched, the group's spokesman boasted that they fired it in the direction of Jerusalem as "a response to the events that took place there". They were probably referring to riots on the Temple Mount, initiated by Islamic fanatics during the Muslim holiday of Ramadan, which the Israeli security forces had to put down by force. By shooting toward Jerusalem (or its surroundings), the group intended, apparently, to demonstrate its commitment to fight for that city.

Israel, however, left the terrorists no chance of such an achievement, employing an advanced and especially high-quality missile defense system that has the ability to shoot down a missile long before it arrives on the outskirts of Jerusalem. The "David's sling" missile defense system is designed to intercept missiles with high maneuverability and an especially long range of hundreds of kilometers.

Note also that such a successful launch of the "David's sling" is to a large extent a significant real life test of the new system. It contributes to the collection of a lot of technical data, which, in turn, helps further upgrading of the system. This is how the "Iron Dome" missile defense system has been improved and upgraded from one real intercept to the next. And if in the beginning its success rate was about 70 percent, today it is already about 95 percent.

In addition, this launch, of course, is also excellent publicity for the system that Israel now offers for export. Just recently, a big deal was made with Finland, which buys the system from us. Now all potential buyers, above all the many European countries that are afraid of Russian aggression and are looking for a quality ABM system, were given a chance to see the extraordinary capabilities of the "David's sling". It is also worth mentioning that the US annually invests about 500 million dollars in the development and production of the Israeli defense systems.

In other words, the argument that it is not reasonable to use such an expensive missile is fundamentally wrong. And let's not forget that apart from all the above considerations, the destruction of the heavy and large rocket (as you understand, it was by no means a mortar shell) launched by the enemies towards the capital prevented much damage and possibly, G-d forbid of course, human casualties.

Rocket in Rehovot

According to the army's investigation, the rocket that was launched yesterday at Rehovot, hitting a residential house, killing one person and wounding four others, was a conventional rocket with a range of 70 km (and not the new version of the "Burak" rocket with a range of 85 km, as the terrorists boastfully claimed yesterday). The reason it was not shot down by the Iron Dome system was due to a malfunction - a technical failure of the Iron Dome. Unfortunately, such failures happen in every system, including even military aircraft that undergo hours of technical inspection and training, much less in missiles or bombs, not to mention small arms.

In short, there are failures in every system. That is why the Iron Dome system's interception success rate is not 100%, but only 95%. And that, by the grace of God, is a very good indicator.

Ceasefire negotiations

At the moment the ceasefire talks brokered by senior Egyptian representatives are continuing, but due to the terrorists' renewed shelling of towns and cities around the Gaza Strip and the firing towards Jerusalem, Israel has dramatically intensified its attacks on the "Islamic Jihad" targets.

The terrorists are begging the Israelis to promise to stop eliminating the terror leaders. Israel refuses to make such promises, explaining to the Egyptians that it is only willing to accept the formula "silence in response to silence".

This is certainly a positive development compared to the previous positions of the Israeli government. However, I would really like our army to show even more initiative and toughness in the war against the cruel enemy.

We see that in response to the terrorists' renewed shelling, our air force has dramatically increased the power of its attacks on the terrorists' infrastructures and targets. Why wasn't this done before? Why did we have to wait for the resumption of shelling, interrupted by the terrorists all night long, as we see the enormous losses of both missile stocks and launchers and the elimination of all the top terrorists who were in charge of the missile launches.

We can see that the capabilities of the IDF are extremely great, both in defense and rear protection, as well as in offensives and attacks. Is it perhaps necessary to deal the Iranian proxy terrorist group "Islamic Jihad" a death blow from which it will not recover?

Meanwhile, the visible miracles continue - in the last few hours there was a direct hit on a house in a kibbutz near the Gaza Strip and a direct hit on a house in Sderot - both without casualties!

"Praise the Lord for He is good, for His kindness is Everlasting!" Good Sabbath and good news for us.

Translated by D. Bilyayev From Операция «Щит и стрела»: день четвертый Comments: 0

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