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US war simulation shows China can't take Taiwan

American analysts came to the conclusion that the U.S. Navy would be dealt a very heavy blow.

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US war simulation shows China can't take Taiwan
US war simulation shows China can't take Taiwan

Tensions between China and Taiwan remain high. In the United States, the results of a “war game” conducted a few years ago were published in which American strategists and senior officers ran a war simulation. It involved the United States and Taiwan vs. China in the event China tries to occupy the island that remains independent from the communist regime today.

Bloomberg reported that this war game was conducted by American security experts in a building near the White House just when China was maneuvering near Taiwan. Let’s recall that recently China conducted particularly large-scale maneuvers around Taiwan, further exacerbating tensions between the countries.

What were the results of this war game?

In one scenario, China declared war on Taiwan with the United States coming to its aid but with neither side resorting to nuclear weapons. According to the scenario, Japan agreed to allow the use of its ports in strikes against China, but the Japanese army did not interfere directly in the fighting.

According to published information, American analysts came to the conclusion that the U.S. Navy would be dealt a very heavy blow. China has a huge number of long-range missiles which would be expected to be launched against U.S. and Taiwan ships in incredible quantities. The volume of these attacks would make it difficult to counteract with ship air defense systems. In 18 of the 22 rounds of the war game, the Chinese sank most of the American ships including the aircraft carriers and other warships. They also managed to destroy hundreds of American fighters on the ground.

However, China also suffered a hard blow in this scenario. One result was that the U.S. forces — at the cost of very large losses — managed to stop the Chinese invasion by sinking 150 military and landing Chinese ships intended for the transfer of Chinese soldiers and their landing on the shores of Taiwan.

The U.S. would pay a high price with about 900 troops lost and most of the U.S. fleet in the region destroyed. However, the Chinese invasion would be disrupted. All this is the result of a military game, according to which, the war would last about four weeks.

Our ancient Sages point out that among the signs of the coming Redemption is “If you see the kingdoms provoking one another, you have seen an act of Moshiach!”

We emphasize that based on these words, we are talking only about “provocations”, but not about war. It is these “provocations” that we are seeing now, both on the part of Russia against Western countries and in recent weeks, by China against Taiwan and the United States.

It is also worth noting that at present there are no Chinese preparation for an immediate invasion. So far, we are talking only about very large maneuvers. It is hoped that the Chinese regime realizes that such a war will cause terrible economic damage to their country and erase all economic achievements of the previous decades. In the event of such a war, China would become isolated like today's Russia and would be likely to collapse economically. Let’s then hope that China would resort to military action only as a last resort.

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