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Albania broke off diplomatic relations with Iran

The American investigation concluded that the Iranian regime was behind the cyberattack.

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Albania broke off diplomatic relations with Iran
Albania broke off diplomatic relations with Iran

Last week, the Albanian government announced the severance of diplomatic relations with Iran and also demanded that representatives of the Iranian embassy leave the country immediately. According to media reports, numerous employees were seen hastily burning documents at the Iranian Embassy in the Albanian capital of Tirana while other employees were quickly taken out of Albania.

The Albanian government announced this decision after the United States announced the completion of an investigation into a powerful cyber-attack against Albania. The American investigation concluded that the Iranian regime was behind the cyberattack.

The Albanian government directly and very harshly accused the Iranian regime of trying to wreak havoc in their country, as well as of intending to paralyze the civil service and steal information. The U.S. has officially promised Albania, an American ally and a member of the NATO alliance, that it will protect it in the event of a military conflict with Iran.

We note that as we approach the true and complete Redemption, humanity is increasingly revealing the truth. Iran and its Hizbullah puppets, the Houthis, etc. are not only enemies of Israel, but are also enemies of the whole world.

Recall that the Rebbe King Moshiach's position on Iran is extremely clear: the Iranian regime is a sworn enemy of the United States and Israel is obliged to constantly explain and emphasize this to the American administration in the strongest terms.

We see that this reality is revealed more and more every day, becoming clear to everyone.

The Iranian regime is the main threat to the entire Western world led by the United States (Albania is only part of it and is a friend of America). That is why the U.S. needs to confront Iranian fanatics with all its power.

By the grace of the Almighty, we see that the world is increasingly aware of this message. Let's hope that this understanding will also affect the topic of the “nuclear agreement” regarding which Western leaders will eventually require a lasting and long-term agreement. This agreement would also include the possibility of real supervision and control. This would be similar to what as was done vis-à-vis Iraq after the first Gulf War. Back then, the UN Resolution No. 687 called for the establishment of effective controls and supervision over Iraq. If such a resolution is not passed now as regards Iran, the West will drop the nuclear accords and compel the Iranian regime to abandon its nuclear program backed by threats of military action.

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