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Chasidic "circuitry"

Let's take his example and see how electronic circuitry helps us see how to become better in front of the Almighty?

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Chasidic "circuitry"

The old Chassidim used to say that a good sign of a good and blessed week is to begin it with a story about Reb Zusha, a Jewish righteous man who was known for his strong confidence in the Almighty, his love for every Jew, his ability to see in everything he saw and heard the path of serving the Almighty.

Let's take his example and see how electronic circuitry helps us see how to become better in front of the Almighty?

Every electronic device is packed with lots of components: resistors, transformers, diodes, LEDs, capacitors, etc. All of this is placed on a circuit board, which is a circuit with tracks and wires that connect all the parts together, carrying the electric current.

Now let's draw a parallel between the circuit and the situations in life. There are times in life when a Jew is confronted with a situation in which the behavior of another Jew is not always pleasant. It is important immediatly to recall that all the situations are created by the Almighty and that the Jew, whom we might relatively label a "resistor" in the scheme of the situation (because we might see in him resistance), is not essentially such a person. As Torah scholars say every Jewish soul is a part of the Almighty and doesn't resist to everything Jewish that it is told to do. By teaching such a Jew the Torah and the Mitzvos, we help him to light the flame of love for the Almighty again in his soul. And then, as promised to us, please, may the Almighty speedily, there will be complete Redemption as a result of the unconditional love of one Jew for another Jew.

Regarding the power supplied to the circuit, we can use a parallel with the popular self-made step-up converter schemes of today. Such converter is able to increase the voltage of 1.5 volts finger battery to the voltage of the LED diode or even a whole LED lamp. Hence, we can reflect on the conversations of the Lubavitcher Rebbe King Moshiach SHLITA, with his visitors. Talking to various people, the Rebbe repeats many times that this or that Jew is not doing enough. Indeed, such words are literally a true kindness to the person with whom he is speaking. After all, the Rebbe sees the level of the person at which he is and the amount of good that still has to be achieved by that person. As the head of our generation, the Rebbe is able to raise a Jew even higher than his original level. This is comparable to the way in which the same power source can be used to transform energy to light one LED or a whole light bulb with even greater effect on the person's surroundings.

We should also specifically add that when the scheme of the situation is unclear, it is absolutely necessary to contact the Lubavitcher Rebbe, King Moshiach SHLITA, through the Igrot Kodesh. Since we also know that the Jewish Torah scholars say that if every Jew received a portion of the Creator, then due to the infinite characteristics of the Almighty, each Jew's potential is in fact unlimited as well. This similarity can also be compared to the tracks and wires that lead from element to element on the circuit board, making the entire circuit work. In the same way, a Jew, no matter what situation he finds himself in, can have a positive effect on the Jews and non-Jews around him, revealing the unity of the Almighty in the world.

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