21 Швата 5782 года, первый день недели, гл. Мишпатим | 23-01-2022 04:57


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  1. # Z\'eiv пишет: []

    BS\"D I recently got the rest of the 17 questions as a brochure from R. Majesky

  2. # anton пишет: [10.03.2007 19:22]

    You wrote;\'the melech is the heart of the Jewish people\'. Is any melech coming as a heart and brain of the Humanity, which has lost both of the?

  3. # Z\'eiv пишет: [19.07.2009 21:02]

    BS\"D Sholem, where is the rest of the 17 questions/answers?

  4. # Sholem пишет: [19.07.2009 21:02]

    What do you mean?

  5. # Z\'eiv пишет: [21.07.2009 17:39]

    BS\"D There are 17 questions that Rabbi Majeski asks and then answers in detail. Among them are why do we say Yechi so many times, why do we have to say it loud, etc.. you only have the first 5.

  6. # Sholem пишет: [21.07.2009 19:45]

    I don\'t have it.

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