15 Швата 5782 года, второй день недели, гл. Итро
The Enigmatic Plague
When we hit rock bottom, the only thing that can get us out of this darkness is to recognize that we are totally helpless and only G-d can extricate us from our emotional prison. → read more
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The Four Dimensions of Freedom and Gratitude
In the Messianic Age, we will experience this highest level of Atzilus. This is expressed in the words of the prophet Isiah which compares the knowledge of G-d that will prevail to the way the sea covers everything in it. → read more
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By praying excessively for the Redemption, aren’t we mixing in to G-d’s business?
There is no difference between praying for Redemption and praying for anything else we need, like health or livelihood. → read more
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Only a Rebbe Can Declare a State of “Yatir Mibchayohi”
But l’chatchila, no one would wish a Chassid that his Rebbe should pass away so he can have the Rebbe yatir mibchayohi… → read more
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Do You Know Joseph?
The pagans believed in the existence of hidden forces within the physical realm. When they worshipped natural phenomena they were worshipping what they perceived to be the underlying forces of each and every physical phenomenon. → read more
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Vaccine Debate. Timely Message from Rabbi Braun
To say the Rabbonim have an agenda, is against the Torah. Conspiracy theories about doctors and Rabbonim is apikorsis. → read more
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Mining the Subconscious Before the Redemption
Conversely, there are hidden powerful positive forces that we haven’t mined because they were not necessary for us to fulfill our mission. → read more
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Senseless Love: Prevention And Preparation
How can we show that our love is absolute and unconditional? When we have reason to express our own pain and suffering, but instead we focus on the other’s pain and suffering. → read more
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The secret of the 19th of Kislev
This year, 5782, the 19th of Kislev will also fall on the third day of the week. It has been 30 years since this famous speech by the Rebbe King Moshiach. 3 times 10. The circle is closed. Redemption must come immediately! → read more
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Wrestling with an Angel
The answer is that Esau was under the mistaken impression that the birth-right was exclusively a spiritual matter. The first-born was expected to carry on the legacy of the father. → read more
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They Should Know Who is Boss
After about half an hour, they all left. “I was curious and so I went to the Rebbe and asked him who the people were. The Rebbe said they were from the Atomic Energy Commission. → read more
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Proof of Existence of G-d
Similarly regarding this question which asks for proof of the truth of the existence of G-d. → read more
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Towards the Complete Land
The lands of the Knanyans, Knizians and Kadmonians, which are an integral part of the territory that God promised Abraham, have never been in our possession. → read more
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World War Three
Only when Moshiach through Chassidus fills the world with this awareness of the almighty Creator will this evil fear be defeated and be transformed to love for all mankind. → read more
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Three Amazing Rebbe Stories
Below are three amazing stories involving a close relative of mine and the Lubavitcher Rebbe King Messiah. → read more
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