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Israel is one of the safest places in the world

I’d suggest looking at this situation in a broader way, realizing that even in this context, Israel remains one of the most prosperous places in the world... → read more
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Netanya: last week’s terror attack miraculously ended without casualties

And please keep in mind that the official police statement mentions “miracle” — so the police are admitting miracles, too! → read more
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The Lebanese economy collapsed by 20% more

Tensions with Lebanon have risen since then, but now with the collapse of the Lebanese pound happening so fast — and it falling 20% in 6 days — Lebanon has a very good reason not to provoke Israel... → read more
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The agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran does not threaten Israel

In other words: it has nothing to do with Israel. It is clearly an internal Saudi interest. → read more
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Impose the death penalty on terrorists!

The apparent miracle was that even though the terrorist shot David at very close range, the wound was not fatal; and even after that, David managed to shoot him back and wound him! → read more
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High-ranking terrorist killed in Damascus

The high-ranking terrorist was killed by gunmen who shot him while traveling in the suburbs of Damascus. → read more
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The Hague court accused Putin of war crimes

Perhaps, from the Western perspective, this is the first step towards direct attempts to replace the Russian leader. → read more
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Israel is successfully fighting Arab terrorists

About 85 terrorists have been eliminated since the beginning of the year! → read more
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Oil price reduction to $68 is good news!

Now we know that Europe is well prepared and survived the winter without significant losses! → read more
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Declassified details about the terrorist attack in Megiddo

It is still not clear how the terrorist got to the Megiddo junction, why he targeted that place and why he went back to the border. → read more
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Iran: Russia Will Sell Su-35 Jets to Us

Russia is doing this without any regard to Israel, as well as to the fact that Iran is enriching uranium to a military level of over 84 percent. → read more
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Companies that fled Israel lost their finances

From our point of view, this situation has once again demonstrated very clearly that the safest place to invest is the Holy Land! → read more
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Bloomberg admitted that the Israeli shekel is the best investment

Bloomberg was forced to admit that the Israeli currency, the shekel, might be the best investment of 2023! → read more
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The Iranian regime faces more and more problems

Today, eight years later, the value of the rial has dropped so much that a dollar is worth 500,000 rials — half a million rials! → read more
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Purim Miracles in Jenin

During the day the terrorists also detonated a missile near an IDF bulldozer which was operating in the Gaza Strip... → read more
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