30 Сивана 5782 года, четвертый день недели, гл. Хукат
The Redemption Revolution: This is how our lives will change forever
The Redemption Revolution: Giving birth, Life Expectancy, Justice System, Economy, Education, Health, Peace, Transportation, Culture, Society, Housing, Diet. → read more
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The Weapon Against Galus
Living in less than an ideal existence allows for a misalignment between the internal and the external, the spiritual and the material. → read more
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The Rebbe's holy letter to Mrs. Gansburg
As we stand following the Holocaust, we are on a threshold of Moshiach's arrival, And he awaits us to finish the task of our generation. → read more
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How the Mighty Have Fallen
No one thought it would happen — not Europe, not the U.S., not Ukraine, not even the Russian soldiers who were sent there from Belarus. → read more
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The Triad of Renewal
The first lesson is that contrary to the belief of some, the Messianic Age is not an age of rest and retirement. → read more
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The 3 Roosters Before Moshiach Comes
Do you know what will be before Moshiach comes? Two roosters will fight with each other, and a third rooster will come along and give both of them a blow. → read more
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The Goring Ox of Gog and Magog
The commentators explain these three creatures represent nations which will be smitten in the war of Gog and Magog... → read more
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Barak Grossberg | Keep The Order
A Song About The Seven Laws Of Noah. In Order To Create World Unity And Real Conection To G-d. → read more
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Don’t Read The Megillah Backwards!
This ties in with the Ba’al Shem Tov’s interpretation that one should not read the Megillah as an historical event but as something that is relevant to our own lives because it is happening today, in one form or another. → read more
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The Four Dimensions of Exile and Redemption
Upon reflection we will see that all four “damagers” can be understood as metaphors for Torah which is the antidote to all four forms of exile. → read more
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Seven Intimate Commandments
One may suggest that these seven rabbinical commandments are alluded to in the seven last letters. Each letter is the initial of one of the seven rabbinical commandments. → read more
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The Enigmatic Plague
When we hit rock bottom, the only thing that can get us out of this darkness is to recognize that we are totally helpless and only G-d can extricate us from our emotional prison. → read more
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The Four Dimensions of Freedom and Gratitude
In the Messianic Age, we will experience this highest level of Atzilus. This is expressed in the words of the prophet Isiah which compares the knowledge of G-d that will prevail to the way the sea covers everything in it. → read more
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By praying excessively for the Redemption, aren’t we mixing in to G-d’s business?
There is no difference between praying for Redemption and praying for anything else we need, like health or livelihood. → read more
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Who Can Say: “Yatir Mibchayohi”?
But l’chatchila, no one would wish a Chassid that his Rebbe should pass away so he can have the Rebbe yatir mibchayohi… → read more
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