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Understanding the Timing of Moshiach's Arrival According to the Prophets and Talmudic Sages

In the tractate “Sanhedrin” (98a), this contradiction is resolved: “If the Jews are deserving, I will hasten it; if not, it will come in its appointed time.” → read more
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The Rebbe in a Physical Body: Why Is This So Crucial?

When we speak about the Rebbe’s existence, it’s utterly impossible to explain this in a spiritual sense alone. The world cannot exist without a living Rebbe — the leader of the generation! → read more
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The Rebbe is Alive! Is This Difficult for You to Comprehend?

When blessing the new moon, all Jews collectively declare: "David, King of Israel, lives and endures forever." → read more
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Moshiach in Three Generations

In his addresses in the year 5752, the Rebbe, King Moshiach, repeatedly drew our attention to these three generations. → read more
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Leftist “refusals” on the eve of 7 October damaged the combat capability of the Air Force

Thus attempts to bypass the results of democratic elections to maintain their privileges and power led Israeli oligarchic circles to directly harm our security, leading in the end to the deaths of hundreds of Israelis... → read more
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Deciphering the Rebbe’s Famous Acronym at Speech Conclusions

he word “miyad” hints at three people connected to the Previous Rebbe in a way close to us: Moshiach (his name is Menachem), Yosef Yitzchak (Rebbe Rayatz), and Dov Ber (the second name of Rebbe Rashab). → read more
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Chassidim Always Wrote “Rebbe, King Moshiach”

Then he covered the letter with his hand so that I couldn’t see its content, showing only the beginning where he addressed the Rebbe as “Rebbe, King Moshiach.” → read more
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The Rebbe Endorsed Being Called “Melech HaMoshiach”

Rabbi Groner testified that he himself asked the Rebbe if it was permissible to refer to him as “King Moshiach” in a book being published at that time... → read more
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What to expect from Iran’s new president?

The new president is indeed a representative of the “reformist camp”, which favours a certain weakening of the regime of total dictatorship and oppression of Iranian society (of course, there is no such moderation towards Israel). → read more
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There is No Need to Conceal the Identity of the Moshiach!

The Rebbe Himself Added the Words that Moshiach is the Leader of the Generation. → read more
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Chassidim’s Early Recognition of the Rebbe as Moshiach in 1950

Even then, it was evident to the Chassidim that the Rebbe was not only the leader of Chabad but also Moshiach. → read more
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The Word “Moshiach” in the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s Signature

This suggests that the Chassidim’s attention to the Rebbe’s signature was both logical and justified. → read more
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I am also waiting...

The Rebbe replied to her: “Good news, great success” and added with a smile: “I am also waiting.” → read more
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The Rebbe Declairs: Moshiach has already been revealed!

However, from the moment the Rebbe announced the revelation of Moshiach in the year 5751, he began to speak openly about the name of Moshiach — Menachem. → read more
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I Want You to Become Moshiach!

I want you to become Moshiach! To come to Eretz Yisrael and redeem us. Let it be so. In the near future! In the near future! Good news. → read more
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