22 Кислева 5784 г., третий день недели, гл. Вайешев

World to Come and Gan Eden

Why is everyone assured of a place in the Resurrection and World to Come, but not everyone will necessarily enter Gan Eden? → read more
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US announces dismantling of the last stockpile of chemical weapons

It should be mentioned that the process of reduction of nuclear weapons is also continuing, as the US has signed the “New START” treaty. → read more
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Miracles that saved the world or Chronicle of events in the Persian Gulf

Despite all the fears that the war with the regime of the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein would escalate into a world war between the US-led coalition forces and the Soviet Union supporting Saddam, the terrible scenario did not materialize — just as the Rebbe had prophesied. → read more
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The Lebanese pound continues to drop catastrophically

1 Lebanese pound equals 0.00024 Israeli shekels! → read more
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Why does Biden keep stumbling and falling?

Once again, this happened yesterday on his departure from Warsaw. In published footage, we see the American president stumbling as he climbed just over half of the stairs. → read more
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Shnas Hakhel — Shnas Ketz?

In other words, motzie shvi’is is a type of ketz. And we already saw that the Rebbe Rashab had reason to be fearful from a shnas ketz. → read more
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How peaceful is the modern world?

Significant reductions have also taken place in the Israeli Air Force over the years. At one time the number of combat aircraft in the IAF was 600, but today, according to foreign publications, there are only 350 in service! → read more
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Natural Disasters are the Signs of Redemption

The Rebbe explains to us that the purpose of earthquakes is not to cause harm, but only to make the misguided people realize their mistake, and live from now on, acknowledging G-d. → read more
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Libya: a strategic threat which no longer exists (II)

Libya rushed to accuse Israel of evil intentions and that the airliner had not been warned before it was shot down (which, of course, was a complete lie and contradicted all the documentary evidence). → read more
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Libya: a strategic threat which no longer exists (I)

Among the “second circle” countries that once seriously threatened Israel but have now disintegrated or become extremely weak, the most striking are Iraq, Sudan, and Libya. → read more
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Collapse of the Roman Empire is the sign of the coming Redemption

Indeed, for almost 2,000 years since the destruction of Yerushalayim, there has been Rome. Today, however, Rome (Italy) is the country that has become more destroyed than the rest, and so Yerushalayim will be rebuilt! → read more
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22nd of Shvat 1988: the beginning of a new historical period

By the grace of the Almighty in 1988, an unpredictable great historical change began to take place in the USSR, known to us as the era of “Glasnost” and “Perestroika”. → read more
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About the miracles of the first Gulf War (II)

As for nuclear weapons, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has revealed Iraq’s extremely classified activities on the subject. → read more
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About the miracles of the first Gulf War (I)

Today some say that there was nothing to fear at all, since no chemical weapons were found there after the invasion of Iraq. This is a big mistake made by those who mistook the first “Gulf War” for the second. → read more
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The Collapse of the Governments of the World's Nations

The governments of the world nations are in decline and this brings us closer to revealing the power of the Lubavitcher Rebbe King Moshiach SHLITA, may it happen as soon as possible! → read more
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