30 Сивана 5782 года, четвертый день недели, гл. Хукат
The Redemption Revolution: This is how our lives will change forever
The Redemption Revolution: Giving birth, Life Expectancy, Justice System, Economy, Education, Health, Peace, Transportation, Culture, Society, Housing, Diet. → read more
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By praying excessively for the Redemption, aren’t we mixing in to G-d’s business?
There is no difference between praying for Redemption and praying for anything else we need, like health or livelihood. → read more
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Towards the Complete Land
The lands of the Knanyans, Knizians and Kadmonians, which are an integral part of the territory that God promised Abraham, have never been in our possession. → read more
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The Rebbe's Prophecy on China
Now, after all that is happening in China, we also understand the rest of the Rebbe's remarks and we do see how the events in China have lead to chaos in the world. → read more
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A sea change for Israel’s benefit in Britain
The downfall of the Labor Party as a result of the election is a great miracle for the benefit of the Jewish people. The antisemitic positions of the party have been a serious concern for the British Jewry. → read more
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Lebanon is facing an economic collapse. US and France refuse to help...
In recent years, Lebanon has undergone a consistent process of economic deterioration. → read more
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Protesters in Iraq Set Fire to the Iranian Consulate
The protesters have also blocked access to the Iraqi company responsible for oil production in the south. → read more
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Silent Revolutions in Our Time
First and foremost, we see a change in Russia... After more than seventy years of rule by a powerful regime which cast fear into the heart of every citizen of the country, there has been radical change. → read more
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Huge demonstrations in Iraq and Lebanon
The astonishing situation in the above countries – where the masses are turning against Iran and its advocates – is a visible miracle in favor of Israel at this time, when there is hostility with Iran. → read more
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And the Nations Will Say
“A great thing G-d has performed for us” — specifically for us and for no one else! And why is that? On the account of our being joyful. Everything will be done in the merit of our celebration. → read more
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A new era: the unification of North and South Koreas
This miracle manifested in itself in nature via the pressure exerted on North Korea by President Donald Trump who within the span of a year, solved the nuclear threat emanating from the North Korean government. → read more
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The Rebbe’s prophecy about online shopping and electronic payment systems
Who could have imagined back in 1991 that only five or six years later the Rebbe’s words would become part of everyday reality. → read more
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Flying on clouds
The first source mentioning clouds as a mode of transportation of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel is the prophet Daniel. → read more
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The Redemption of the Exile itself
The word Geulah (Redemption) consists of the word “gola” (exile) with the addition of the letter “alef”. Specifically, the term geula best fits the description of the process of leaving the exile. → read more
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Fulfilling the commandment to be Fruitful and Multiply after the Resurrection of the Dead
It’s already been explained how the commandment to “be fruitful and multiply” will be fulfilled after Moshiach comes, but another question remains: how will this commandment be fulfilled after the Resurrection? → read more
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