16 Ияра 5784 г., шестой день недели, гл. Бэар

The Iranian attack and amazing miracles on the day before Pesach

These miracles often find their embodiment in collective or personal salvation, which we feel and experience as a special divine blessing and providence... → read more
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IDF eliminated two senior terrorists

The terrorist who was eliminated yesterday was also directly responsible for the assassinations of the Israelis that started the Second Lebanon War in 2006. → read more
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A facility for the production of “precision missiles” has been discovered in Gaza

However, no one mentioned that HAMAS is also trying to produce such rockets! Were they not aware again? → read more
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Terrorists attacked an Israeli air force base in the Upper Galilee

The IDF has not denounced reports that facilities at this important base were indeed damaged. It appears that the evidence published by Hezbollah is not a fabrication. → read more
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Tzvi Zamir, the legendary head of the Mossad, passed away yesterday

The head of the Mossad delivered this immediate warning to the government, but Prime Minister Golda Meir and Defense Minister Moshe Dayan refused to launch a preemptive strike... → read more
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The vice-chief of HAMAS has been neutralized in Beirut

There is no doubt that this highly successful operation dealt a major blow to HAMAS’s tactical capabilities. → read more
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Extraordinary elimination of a high-ranking leader of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps

Mousavi’s elimination is a severe hit on Hizbullah, because this super-terrorist was directly responsible for all large-scale Iranian aid to the Lebanese terrorist group. → read more
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Who is responsible for the failures of October 7?

In other words, the three retired generals who came into politics - Rabin, Barak and Sharon - caused terrible damage to the country's security with their decisions... → read more
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The lives of our soldiers matter most — we should not listen to the United States

The heavy pressure from the Biden administration has forced our government to refuse to implement a real blockade of the Gaza Strip. → read more
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Israel started flooding Hamas tunnels with seawater

The process is being conducted using seven giant pumps capable of pushing huge quantities of water at high speeds. → read more
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IDF captures Hamas unmanned underwater vehicles

The current situation has demonstrated once again that when the Israeli government stands firmly for our interests, even the Biden administration, which is antagonistic to us, is forced to make concessions. → read more
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Saar 6: the triumphs of the Israeli Navy

Now all four Sa’ar-6 class corvettes, the largest ships our Navy has ever possessed, are capable of performing all of their assigned missions: both in protecting gas platforms and countering a variety of threats. → read more
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The head of AMAN ignored the warning of a terrorist attack

However, this time the heads of the army did not inform the political leadership of the country at all! → read more
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European politicians are taking Israel’s side

The victory of the right-wing in the Netherlands is likely to influence positive changes for us in other European countries as well. → read more
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Tomorrow is a temporary ceasefire

We can only pray for the preservation, protection and salvation of the lives of our dear soldiers. → read more
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