19 Ияра 5784 г., второй день недели, гл. Бехукотай


It may be suggested that the “coronation” ceremony, commenced with the sounding of the Shofar, can also be directed inwards. → read more
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Why an Egg?

The egg possesses a unique quality; the longer we cook it the harder it gets. → read more
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This answers another obvious question. Why did G-d not give them a Mitzvah that they could perform easily and reward them accordingly? → read more
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Don’t Read The Megillah Backwards!

This ties in with the Ba’al Shem Tov’s interpretation that one should not read the Megillah as an historical event but as something that is relevant to our own lives because it is happening today, in one form or another. → read more
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The secret of the 19th of Kislev

This year, 5782, the 19th of Kislev will also fall on the third day of the week. It has been 30 years since this famous speech by the Rebbe King Moshiach. 3 times 10. The circle is closed. Redemption must come immediately! → read more
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The eighth day of Chanukah and Moshiach

Every Hebrew letter also has a numerical value. The letter "Nun" represents: 50; "Gimel" is 3; "Hay" is 5; "Shin"is 300 - together they add up to 358. → read more
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Kaparot is an important tradition of the day of Erev Yom Kippur. → read more
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The light holiday of Chanukah or the secret of a shortage

So although the Greeks did have everything, something was still missing and they were trying in vain to wrest from the Jewish people the secret of whatever it was they, the Greeks, were lacking. → read more
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How To Relate To Gimmel Tammuz

Once again, we are faced with the crucial question: How should we relate to Gimmel Tammuz? In this essay, Rabbi Levi Yitzchok Ginsburg offers a clear perspective on how to approach this day. "It is our fervent desire that the Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach be revealed, and that he himself answer all our questions. But if, G-d forbid, Moshiach is delayed for another few moments, we must also be aware of what the Rebbe wants us to do in this contingency". → read more
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