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It may be suggested that the “coronation” ceremony, commenced with the sounding of the Shofar, can also be directed inwards. → read more
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Rational Giving

Researchers in psychology have often observed that while cooperation among people is the most logical and rational choice, people will often act irrationally to prevent someone else from taking advantage of them. → read more
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4 techniques and tools to minimize stress

The Bible is clear that we do not live in a world of random chaos. It makes logical sense to believe that there is an order to all. → read more
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Depression, Embracing Purpose, Selflessness, and Happiness

Depression can be overcome by embracing purpose, selflessness, and genuine happiness. → read more
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An unprecedented warning to the Iranian regime’s leaders made by the head of the Mossad

The background to the current warnings against the leaders of the Iranian regime is the fact that Israel has recently managed, with the grace and help of G-d, to prevent 27 terrorist attacks attempted by Iranian agents... → read more
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“Mossad” declassifies documents on the Yom Kippur War

The lesson from this tragedy is clear — in security matters, politicians should rely more on security experts than on political considerations, no matter how important they may be! → read more
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Quantum Physics in the Torah & G-dly Wisdom in Science

Torah is not dependent on science but far higher. → read more
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Quantum Field Theory and the Unity of G-d

The ultimate goal is to overcome the physical veneer of materialism and the coarseness of a very deceiving world and recognize the true essence and source of everything: G-d Almighty. → read more
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US Marine Corps gets Iron Dome system

These upcoming purchases for the U.S. Marine Corps follow the U.S. purchase of two Iron Dome batteries for its ground forces... → read more
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Can Meditation Be Jewish?

There are many important differences between Jewish meditation and what is generally found in non-Jewish meditation. → read more
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Peace with Saudi Arabia: is it good or bad?

Moreover, Saudi Arabia's ambition to obtain the latest U.S. stealth aircraft has been previously discussed. → read more
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Global tensions are rising: US, Philippines, China, Africa and Poland

There is no doubt that provocations between the powers are still ongoing and even intensifying, and as the Sages told us, “If you see the kingdoms provoking one another, expect the coming of Moshiach.” → read more
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Social Skills

Children who fail to develop social skills are at risk of a host of behavioral problems as they grow older. → read more
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World to Come and Gan Eden

Why is everyone assured of a place in the Resurrection and World to Come, but not everyone will necessarily enter Gan Eden? → read more
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The Iranian rial is the weakest currency in the world!

During the last year only, the value of the Iranian currency relative to the dollar has fallen further by 52 percent. → read more
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The complete truth about the so-called “loss of IDF combat capability”

Let’s take, for example, the statement of approximately “a thousand Israeli Air Force soldiers” regarding their refusal to be further enlisted for reserve service. → read more
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New F-35 aircraft have arrived in Israel

Three more stealth aircraft will arrive in Israel in the coming months, bringing the total number of stealth aircraft in Israel to 42. → read more
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US announces dismantling of the last stockpile of chemical weapons

It should be mentioned that the process of reduction of nuclear weapons is also continuing, as the US has signed the “New START” treaty. → read more
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Results of the counter-terrorist operation "Home and Garden"

The terrorist operating and command headquarters and ammunition depots were destroyed. → read more
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Successful extension of Operation “Home and Garden” in Jenin

Ending the operation too early will be interpreted by the terrorist groups, and of course Hizbullah and its masters in Iran, as their victory, which in the end can only weaken our deterrence factor! → read more
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Large-scale IDF operation launched in Jenin

Additionally, tanks have been deployed to Jenin, but it is unclear whether they are operating inside the city. → read more
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A Syrian air defence missile fell in the Negev

The missile missed the planes, continued its flight and exploded in mid-air. Its parts were found in the Negev, and some large fragments in the Bedouin town of Rahat. → read more
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The collapse of world governments: the revolt in Russia and the Intifada in France

One of the signs of the coming Redemption as revealed in the holy book of the Zohar is the collapse of world governments. → read more
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Mossad agents captured terrorist right on Iranian territory

The Mossad spokesman promised that the secret service’s determined efforts to prevent terror against Israelis and Jews around the world would continue. → read more
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Israel’s defense exports reached a historic maximum

Israel’s defense exports reached the highest historic level of almost 50 billion shekels this year! About 80 percent of the exports come from two groups of countries... → read more
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Israel: first defense system against hypersonic missiles

Israel is developing the world’s first defense system against hypersonic missiles. → read more
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Iran and its “unique” computer purchased on Amazon

I have already written many times that the Iranian regime is a master of psychological warfare, intimidation, lies and manipulation. → read more
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Germany purchases Israel’s missile defense systems for 4 billion euros

According to reports, the €560 million payment in advance will soon be transferred to Aerospace Industries, the company that produces the “Arrow-3”. → read more
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Iran claims that it has developed a hypersonic missile

But it does not look like a rocket with any special maneuverability and the ability to move much faster than the speed of sound. → read more
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A violent attack on the Egyptian border

Its unfortunate that the mainstream Israeli media hesitates to ask the leadership of the army and the government the obvious, in my opinion, questions. → read more
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If Assimilation is the “Silent Holocaust,” Family Planning is “Silent Abortion”

As religious Jews, we naturally are happy about such a stain — protecting the right to commit an act so terrible as abortion. → read more
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Successful tests of the “С-Dome” system

Now, according to the Defense Ministry, the naval missile defense system “С-Dome” is also capable of successfully defeating cruise missiles. → read more
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Operation Shield And Arrow: Day 4

Israel, however, did not leave the terrorists a chance for such an achievement, using the latest and especially high-quality missile defense system. → read more
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IDF Operation Shield and Arrow: Day 3

The available accurate intelligence information and the ability to launch a precise and timely strike resulted… → read more
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Preliminary results of counterterrorist operation “Shield and Arrow”

One very important instruction from the Home Front is that it is strictly forbidden to go out into the open terrain for several minutes after an Iron Dome missile has been intercepted. → read more
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Is A Therapist Considered A Physician According To Halacha?

On 8 Teves 5747 (1947), the Rebbe wrote this fascinating letter to a Jewish psychiatrist from Ontario, Canada. → read more
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The death of a terrorist led to the rocket fire against Israel

This morning a car in which Ran Rosen was on his way to work received gunfire. One of the fragments hit him in the face near his eye, but miraculously it did not cause any damage. → read more
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Iran’s Deputy Defence Minister was a British spy

Akbari was also involved in reporting information about hundreds of Iranian senior officials, statesmen and scientists, some of whom have been killed or wounded in various assassination attempts. → read more
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Israel launched massive attacks on Hizbullah positions in Syria and Lebanon

In addition, there are numerous Lebanese reports of bombings in the Beirut neighborhood of Daakhia, where Hizbullah’s headquarters, warehouses and several hundred of its terrorists and their families used to live. → read more
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Lebanon: from crisis to chaos

This unprecedented major crisis in Lebanon is extremely frightening to the Hezbollah bosses. It actually ties Hezbollah’s hands. → read more
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Israeli defense industry is going from strength to strength

In other words, according to German experts, the Israeli anti-missile system is more advanced than the American one and can provide Germany with better protection. → read more
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Five Lessons From Nadav And Avihu

The lesson here is that no matter how holy and exalted we may be Judaism requires that we have a teacher, mentor or guide with whom to consult. → read more
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Israeli defense companies have won an international tender

Now, try to guess who came in second place? That’s right! The second Israeli company that participated in the tender was Israel Aerospace Industries! → read more
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Israeli Military analyst about the leak of classified Pentagon documents

The U.S. Senate is already making calls for measures to be taken to affect relations with Egypt if the information published in the media is true. → read more
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The United States deploys a submarine to the Middle Eastern region

The US believes that this step will be a sufficient deterrent against Iran and Hizbullah. → read more
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Exploring the Downfall of the Mubarak Regime in Egypt

All this clearly and unambiguously demonstrates Mubarak's true intentions and hypocrisy. → read more
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To smite Egypt with their first born in the year 2023

Tunisia, Libya, Syria, Iran and Egypt. The fulfillment of the prophecy. → read more
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An airport in Syria after an Israeli attack

Israel is actively working to reduce the threat from Iranian drones and has often attacked such targets in Syria. → read more
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The Israeli Air Force shot down a Syrian drone

In any case, this seems to be the Iranian response to the attacks in which Iranian “advisers” have been eliminated in recent days. → read more
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Is Trump going to jail?

The scandal surrounding the accusation against the former president is growing. → read more
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Israel attacked Damascus and launched a satellite

Note that we are not talking about an “ordinary” satellite photographing the surface of the planet. → read more
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A large Iranian terrorist attack against Jews in Athens was prevented

Meanwhile, further details about the real miracle of preventing the horrible terrorist atack in Greece have emerged. → read more
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The Leftist Putsch against Israel

The people who just recently claimed to be the “salt of the earth” are now refusing to defend their native country from a terrible enemy, only to surrender to their political opponents. → read more
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Miracles that saved the world or Chronicle of events in the Persian Gulf

Despite all the fears that the war with the regime of the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein would escalate into a world war between the US-led coalition forces and the Soviet Union supporting Saddam, the terrible scenario did not materialize — just as the Rebbe had prophesied. → read more
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The U.S. attacks Iranian militants

On Thursday night, pro-Iranian groups attacked a U.S. base in Syria, resulting in casualties. The U.S. air force responded by attacking their bases, killing at least eight (maybe more) fighters. → read more
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Why an Egg?

The egg possesses a unique quality; the longer we cook it the harder it gets. → read more
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UK Inflation and the Banking Crisis

The British Statistical Office reports a sharp rise in inflation of 10.4% in February alone! → read more
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Israel is one of the safest places in the world

I’d suggest looking at this situation in a broader way, realizing that even in this context, Israel remains one of the most prosperous places in the world... → read more
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Netanya: last week’s terror attack miraculously ended without casualties

And please keep in mind that the official police statement mentions “miracle” — so the police are admitting miracles, too! → read more
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The Lebanese economy collapsed by 20% more

Tensions with Lebanon have risen since then, but now with the collapse of the Lebanese pound happening so fast — and it falling 20% in 6 days — Lebanon has a very good reason not to provoke Israel... → read more
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The agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran does not threaten Israel

In other words: it has nothing to do with Israel. It is clearly an internal Saudi interest. → read more
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Impose the death penalty on terrorists!

The apparent miracle was that even though the terrorist shot David at very close range, the wound was not fatal; and even after that, David managed to shoot him back and wound him! → read more
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High-ranking terrorist killed in Damascus

The high-ranking terrorist was killed by gunmen who shot him while traveling in the suburbs of Damascus. → read more
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The Hague court accused Putin of war crimes

Perhaps, from the Western perspective, this is the first step towards direct attempts to replace the Russian leader. → read more
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Israel is successfully fighting Arab terrorists

About 85 terrorists have been eliminated since the beginning of the year! → read more
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Oil price reduction to $68 is good news!

Now we know that Europe is well prepared and survived the winter without significant losses! → read more
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Declassified details about the terrorist attack in Megiddo

It is still not clear how the terrorist got to the Megiddo junction, why he targeted that place and why he went back to the border. → read more
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Iran: Russia Will Sell Su-35 Jets to Us

Russia is doing this without any regard to Israel, as well as to the fact that Iran is enriching uranium to a military level of over 84 percent. → read more
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Companies that fled Israel lost their finances

From our point of view, this situation has once again demonstrated very clearly that the safest place to invest is the Holy Land! → read more
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Bloomberg admitted that the Israeli shekel is the best investment

Bloomberg was forced to admit that the Israeli currency, the shekel, might be the best investment of 2023! → read more
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The Iranian regime faces more and more problems

Today, eight years later, the value of the rial has dropped so much that a dollar is worth 500,000 rials — half a million rials! → read more
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Purim Miracles in Jenin

During the day the terrorists also detonated a missile near an IDF bulldozer which was operating in the Gaza Strip... → read more
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Purim victories over “today’s Aman.”

Our fighters surrounded the home where the terrorist assassin was hiding, then as a result of the ongoing firefight, they killed him and five other terrorists. → read more
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The Decree is Nullified? But…

On the 13th of Nissan, Haman’s decree was issued. The 13th of Adar looks like we’re still in a Golus world. → read more
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The Lebanese pound continues to drop catastrophically

1 Lebanese pound equals 0.00024 Israeli shekels! → read more
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Cutting off the main traffic arteries: strategic strike or act of aggression?

The town of Huwara has been a target for terrorists for many years, since it is one of the only routes by which Israelis can reach the settlements in the northern West Bank. → read more
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Is the Israeli government to bow under the pressure of the US?

Not again! Is the Israeli government willing to bow under the pressure of the US administration this time? → read more
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Israel has approved the budget for the next two years ahead

This means that institutions that will be approved by government ministries will receive full funding, similar to kindergartens, starting at the age of two. → read more
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In Historic Move, Oman Opens Air Space To Israeli Flights

This incredible change in Israel’s relations with the Arab countries, which is happening right in front of our eyes, is a clear sign of the coming Redemption. → read more
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Why does Biden keep stumbling and falling?

Once again, this happened yesterday on his departure from Warsaw. In published footage, we see the American president stumbling as he climbed just over half of the stairs. → read more
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The nuclear arsenal of Russia continues to shrink

Yesterday Putin announced the suspension of Russia's participation in the Nuclear Disarmament Treaty. → read more
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Israel: we will not let the Iranian regime create nuclear weapons

This is all about preventing the situation from leading to a direct military confrontation with Iran. → read more
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Shnas Hakhel — Shnas Ketz?

In other words, motzie shvi’is is a type of ketz. And we already saw that the Rebbe Rashab had reason to be fearful from a shnas ketz. → read more
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The Iranians have enriched uranium to 84%

Here I think it is appropriate to emphasize again: contrary to the loud publications in some media that Iran is “on the edge” of developing nuclear weapons, this is not the case! → read more
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Restoring G-d’s Name Through Tzedakah

Redemption is when “G-d will be one and His name will be one,” in other words, when the entire world will recognize G-d’s infinite and exclusive power. → read more
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Israel for the first time began exporting oil products

It is indeed the Era of Moshiach — Israel is exporting oil products to Europe, that has a need for them, and wants to receive them —from Israel. → read more
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The legitimacy of Israel’s security actions

In general, it is not necessary to wait for the world powers to fully support Israel’s actions, but at the same time it is necessary to act firmly and decisively to protect the interests of its own citizens, including those in the settlements... → read more
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It is necessary to increase public pressure on international organizations!

Who can any longer doubt that the PA government and militant groups, sponsored from abroad, are engaged in terrorist activities? → read more
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Corruption in the Turkish construction business has caused tragic deaths

The photo above shows the terrible destruction from the earthquake in Turkey. However, we can see that some houses have been completely destroyed, while others are standing intact. So, how did this happen? → read more
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Successful IDF anti-terrorist operation in Jericho

Tonight IDF forces carried out an investigation actions in the Arab village of Akabat Jaber near Jericho. → read more
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Chinese spy balloon spotted over U.S.

As Saturday ended, a U.S. fighter jet shot down a Chinese spy balloon near the coast of South Carolina. → read more
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Irrationality and Anti-Semitism

One hater cannot tolerate that a Jew is different while the other cannot tolerate that the Jew is not different. → read more
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Israel bombed a strategic facility in Iran

According to US information, it was Israel that struck and probably successfully hit a missile or drone development facility and destroyed two weapons convoys. → read more
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Get stronger the people of Israel!

And this is more than evident right now, as Jews recall their true purpose, become increasingly firm in the Torah, the source of life, and take an active part in supporting and educating other jews. → read more
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Horrific terrorist attacks on Shabbat in Yerushalayim

Only a firm and proactive position by the government can counter this wave of terror. → read more
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Protecting the lives of civilians is the top priority for the new Israeli government

And today the IDF conducted devastating strikes against targets in Gaza and successfully destroyed an underground Hamas military factory in the Gaza Strip! → read more
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Successful IDF operation in Jenin

During the counterattack our soldiers eliminated at least six more fighters. The number of killed enemy combatants may have been as many as eight or ten. → read more
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10 very interesting facts in Baba Sali’s life

To the merit of Baba Sali, may the most important promise come true — the revelation of Moshiach in our world! → read more
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Mistakes of the Israeli government before the Yom Kippur War

Only recently have the details of this Israeli agent come to light. Previously, for many years, even his name was a closely guarded secret. → read more
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