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The Iranian attack and amazing miracles on the day before Pesach

These miracles often find their embodiment in collective or personal salvation, which we feel and experience as a special divine blessing and providence... → read more
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Four Dimensions Of The Eighth Day

Let us thus examine the reason for the eighth day requirement from all these perspectives. → read more
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‘My Views on Moshiach’

There you will find an answer to your question with regard to the Moshiach, the Messianic Age and my views on the subject. → read more
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The Halachic Progression of the Redemption

I will only add a further significant point, namely that this ruling and Din of the Rambam is not contested by any Posek. → read more
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Letter to the King of Morocco

May G-d continue to bestow His generous blessings on your Majesty and royal family, and all the people of Morocco, for a full measure of health and prosperity, both materially and spiritually. → read more
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Letter to the King of Spain

Your government and country has played a keynote role in marking this historic event with appropriate celebrations that were emulated in many parts of the world. → read more
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The Rebbe’s Opinion On: “Bible Criticism”

You mention, in passing, certain theories by certain Bible critics. But, as you know, it is not a case where these people have a different tradition from ours, going back to all those ancient generations. → read more
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Is Islam Avoda Zara?

In the above you will find an answer also to another question of yours, namely whether Jews should encourage conversions to Judaism among non-Jews → read more
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What Is a Rebbe?

The following contains portions of a fascinating exchange between the Rebbe and a group of Jewish college students in 5711 (1952) as was recorded by Dr. Nissan Mindel. → read more
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Should we fear the proximity of a global thermo-nuclear war?

So, are we on the verge of a global thermo-nuclear war? Our answer is a definitive “no”! → read more
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The circle of hostile regimes around Israel began to collapse on 11 Shvat!

And here it is appropriate to recall that the current era of violent wars and conflicts within the Arab world broke out precisely on 11 Shvat 5771 (2011) — exactly 60 years after the Lubavitcher Rebbe SHLITA King Moshiach led the Chassidic movement. → read more
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IDF eliminated two senior terrorists

The terrorist who was eliminated yesterday was also directly responsible for the assassinations of the Israelis that started the Second Lebanon War in 2006. → read more
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A facility for the production of “precision missiles” has been discovered in Gaza

However, no one mentioned that HAMAS is also trying to produce such rockets! Were they not aware again? → read more
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Terrorists attacked an Israeli air force base in the Upper Galilee

The IDF has not denounced reports that facilities at this important base were indeed damaged. It appears that the evidence published by Hezbollah is not a fabrication. → read more
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ISIS claimed responsibility for the bombings in Iran

Two years ago, ISIS terrorists also attacked one of the most important Shiite shrines, the Shah Cherah Mausoleum in Shiraz, killing 15 people and wounding dozens more. → read more
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Tzvi Zamir, the legendary head of the Mossad, passed away yesterday

The head of the Mossad delivered this immediate warning to the government, but Prime Minister Golda Meir and Defense Minister Moshe Dayan refused to launch a preemptive strike... → read more
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The vice-chief of HAMAS has been neutralized in Beirut

There is no doubt that this highly successful operation dealt a major blow to HAMAS’s tactical capabilities. → read more
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Extraordinary elimination of a high-ranking leader of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps

Mousavi’s elimination is a severe hit on Hizbullah, because this super-terrorist was directly responsible for all large-scale Iranian aid to the Lebanese terrorist group. → read more
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Who is responsible for the failures of October 7?

In other words, the three retired generals who came into politics - Rabin, Barak and Sharon - caused terrible damage to the country's security with their decisions... → read more
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The lives of our soldiers matter most — we should not listen to the United States

The heavy pressure from the Biden administration has forced our government to refuse to implement a real blockade of the Gaza Strip. → read more
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Israel started flooding Hamas tunnels with seawater

The process is being conducted using seven giant pumps capable of pushing huge quantities of water at high speeds. → read more
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IDF captures Hamas unmanned underwater vehicles

The current situation has demonstrated once again that when the Israeli government stands firmly for our interests, even the Biden administration, which is antagonistic to us, is forced to make concessions. → read more
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Saar 6: the triumphs of the Israeli Navy

Now all four Sa’ar-6 class corvettes, the largest ships our Navy has ever possessed, are capable of performing all of their assigned missions: both in protecting gas platforms and countering a variety of threats. → read more
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The head of AMAN ignored the warning of a terrorist attack

However, this time the heads of the army did not inform the political leadership of the country at all! → read more
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European politicians are taking Israel’s side

The victory of the right-wing in the Netherlands is likely to influence positive changes for us in other European countries as well. → read more
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Tomorrow is a temporary ceasefire

We can only pray for the preservation, protection and salvation of the lives of our dear soldiers. → read more
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What to do with Gaza after the war?

All those who oppose them should be reminded of what is left of their boasted “concept”, which collapsed into the abyss of the horrific massacre and genocide of the Jews only a few weeks ago. → read more
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Pentagon invests $1.2 billion in Israeli laser system development

In Israel, meanwhile, as we know, a few years ago a breakthrough was made in creating a laser that is based not on chemical but on electrical power. Such a system is much easier to produce and maintain. → read more
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A horrific terrorist attack has been prevented in Jerusalem

According to experts, they planned to infiltrate Jerusalem and, G-d forbid, cause a massacre there. → read more
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Hamas Tunnels Are The Hidden Evil

Yesterday, the U.S. administration officially recognized Israel's position on "hospitals" in the Gaza Strip, declaring, "Hamas's use of the Shifa Hospital in the Gaza Strip as a command center is a war crime." → read more
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The IDF continues to destroy Hamas terrorists

The 401st Armored Brigade's combined arms tactical group entered the Gaza Strip from the north and led the other units deep into the al-Shatti neighborhood. → read more
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Where Is The Red Line?

We will have to confront the issue of Hizbullah one way or another, because no one will ever again believe the phrase “the deterrence factor has been restored.” → read more
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IDF Brigade Combat Team

What does this term “brigade combat team” mean and how does it differ from the familiar term “division”? → read more
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Day 33 of the war: IDF successes in Judea and Samaria

During these operations, the intelligence services also obtain a great deal of valuable intelligence information (documents, computer contents and the results of interrogations of arrested persons), which in turn enables further arrests to be made. → read more
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The 32nd day of the war: the assault of Gaza

An Israeli Air Force fighter jet attacked the group, consisting of about 10 terrorists. → read more
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The 31st day of the war: the assault against Gaza

The IDF is carefully but intensively finalizing preparations to enter Gaza City. These preparations include completing the surrounding, transferring additional forces, armored vehicle raids inside the city... → read more
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The 30th day of war: Strengthening Israel’s defenses in the south and north

Anyway, in Israel, Patriot SAMs are mainly used to fight enemy airplanes, helicopters or drones, since Israel has much better native systems developed by itself against missiles. → read more
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IDF advances toward Hamas’s center — Gaza City

To defeat Hamas we must destroy its command system, its system of control. That is how we will crush the terrorists’ will to fight. → read more
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The birth of ARPANET — the predecessor of the Internet

On Mar Cheshvan 18, 5730 (10/29/1969), the ARPANET began, a small network of academic computers that became the predecessor of the Internet. → read more
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Completely demolish and flatten terrorist buildings in Gaza

Such tactics, in addition to providing much better security for our fighters, might have a number of important implications. → read more
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Ways to deal with the missile threat from Yemen

The IDF has authorized the release of information that it has ships in the Red Sea collecting information and defending our territory along with US Navy ships. → read more
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An analysis of the current state of the ground operation in the Gaza Strip

There are reports of few face-to-face clashes between our ground units and the enemy. The IDF is using serious air and ground firepower to destroy Hamas terrorist cells hiding in the built-up area. → read more
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Hamas terrorists hide their center under a hospital

All of this was well known to Israeli intelligence, but has now been revealed to the public in Israel and around the world. → read more
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IDF forces have entered the Gaza Strip

Let me remind you that up until now, IDF forces entered at night and exited closer to morning. Now our army forces, as they entered last night, remain inside the Gaza Strip. → read more
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It is crucial to eliminate Hamas without risking the lives of our soldiers

In other words, we must not expose our fighters to danger in so-called “battles in populated areas”; the buildings must be completely destroyed, and only then it is possible to send soldiers there. → read more
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Results of Joe Biden's visit to Israel

Which one is this — foolishness or still meanness? It is clear that Hamas controls every dollar, every gram of “humanitarian aid” that enters the Gaza Strip. → read more
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The Israeli army is preparing to attack Hamas terrorists

America needs a strong Israel, but for us to remain strong, we must now rebuild our deterrent power and destroy a brutal enemy that has committed crimes against humanity. → read more
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A mindset for the prayer: “You are the entire nation!”

Then I opened “Igrot Kodesh.” I cry when I remember it. They are not tears of fear or anger. Nothing makes me cry except... Jews, the righteous, G-d is what causes me to cry. → read more
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Major Ansbacher tells about the Hamas attack

IDF investigations show that most of the military bases that were attacked were small. → read more
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IDF helicopter was hit by enemy missiles, but all of our fighters were saved

A double miracle — the crew and all the fighters remained unharmed. An amazing miracle, the information about which was allowed to be published. → read more
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Operation “Swords of Iron”: Day Five

Russia and China have not yet issued a strong condemnation of the horrific massacre. We have only heard something indistinct from them. → read more
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Operation “Swords of Iron”: the entire truth about Hamas

The time has come to dismantle this evil organization that brutally tortured more than 1,000 of our women, children, elderly and young people and captured many more in one terrible day alone. → read more
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Why did the US send ships to Israel’s shores?

From the IDF spokesman’s statement, one can clearly conclude that there was an agreement between the US and Israel that the US would send ships capable of intercepting missiles near Israel. → read more
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An Analysis of IDF Statements during Operation “Swords of Iron”

We must realize the simple truth, to defeat Hamas we need to destroy everything it uses — all of its legitimate targets. Give our fighters the opportunity to finally win. Launch a truly massive attack, not verbally, but practically. Bring our full force down on them, without the shameful “pounding on the roof” — from sea, air and land. → read more
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From the interrogation of a captured Hamas terrorist

It is no longer possible to ignore what many of us have said and written: the aggressive demonstrations against the government encouraged our enemies, led by Hamas and Hizbullah, to attack Israel. → read more
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Iran prepared the war against Israel

Such high-quality preparation, in my opinion, is no doubt the result of Iranian leadership of the operation. → read more
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Operation “Swords of Iron”, day two

There is a battle in the neighborhood of Kibbutz Kisufim, probably an invasion attempt was prevented there as well. → read more
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Our goal is to crush Hamas!

It is not acceptable that our precious fighters, who are performing their holy duty, should be sent to sweep house after house, endangering their lives. → read more
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IDF tries to free Jews taken captive by terrorists

Both locations are currently surrounded by security forces and IDF army special forces. My assessment is that negotiations are underway with the terrorists. → read more
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Operation “Swords of Iron”, Day One

Currently, tens of thousands of regular army soldiers are already concentrated in the south of the country. There is an intensive conscription of tens of thousands of reservists. → read more
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Significant downsides of a potential “defense alliance” between Israel and the US

In short, signing such an agreement contains significant disadvantages associated with the loss of independence, while most of the advantages of such an agreement are already being received by Israel today, while it retains sufficient ability to safeguard its interests. → read more
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In the United States, the Speaker of the House of Representatives has been fired

Such an impeachment of a speaker by the members of his own party has never happened before in the entire American history! → read more
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Three budget amendments in the US Congress

This means that the U.S. Embassy remains in Jerusalem and cannot be moved back to Tel Aviv under any circumstances, since Congress has not appropriated funds to do so. → read more
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New York was flooded as a result of heavy rain, a state of emergency has been declared

Heavy flooding was reported in New York City, Long Island and Bergen, Rockland and Westchester counties. Calls for evacuations were also heard in Brooklyn and Queens. → read more
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The conflict between Iran and Azerbaijan is intensifying

Azerbaijan's military operation managed to achieve its goals very quickly. Armenian units in Nagorno-Karabakh surrendered within two days. → read more
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What’s Wrong With Non-Chassidishe Music?

The question can be considered a good, logical question as long as we are not aware of the inner significance of Chabad niggunim. → read more
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It may be suggested that the “coronation” ceremony, commenced with the sounding of the Shofar, can also be directed inwards. → read more
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Rational Giving

Researchers in psychology have often observed that while cooperation among people is the most logical and rational choice, people will often act irrationally to prevent someone else from taking advantage of them. → read more
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4 techniques and tools to minimize stress

The Bible is clear that we do not live in a world of random chaos. It makes logical sense to believe that there is an order to all. → read more
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Depression, Embracing Purpose, Selflessness, and Happiness

Depression can be overcome by embracing purpose, selflessness, and genuine happiness. → read more
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An unprecedented warning to the Iranian regime’s leaders made by the head of the Mossad

The background to the current warnings against the leaders of the Iranian regime is the fact that Israel has recently managed, with the grace and help of G-d, to prevent 27 terrorist attacks attempted by Iranian agents... → read more
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“Mossad” declassifies documents on the Yom Kippur War

The lesson from this tragedy is clear — in security matters, politicians should rely more on security experts than on political considerations, no matter how important they may be! → read more
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Quantum Physics in the Torah & G-dly Wisdom in Science

Torah is not dependent on science but far higher. → read more
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Quantum Field Theory and the Unity of G-d

The ultimate goal is to overcome the physical veneer of materialism and the coarseness of a very deceiving world and recognize the true essence and source of everything: G-d Almighty. → read more
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US Marine Corps gets Iron Dome system

These upcoming purchases for the U.S. Marine Corps follow the U.S. purchase of two Iron Dome batteries for its ground forces... → read more
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Can Meditation Be Jewish?

There are many important differences between Jewish meditation and what is generally found in non-Jewish meditation. → read more
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Peace with Saudi Arabia: is it good or bad?

Moreover, Saudi Arabia's ambition to obtain the latest U.S. stealth aircraft has been previously discussed. → read more
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Global tensions are rising: US, Philippines, China, Africa and Poland

There is no doubt that provocations between the powers are still ongoing and even intensifying, and as the Sages told us, “If you see the kingdoms provoking one another, expect the coming of Moshiach.” → read more
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Social Skills

Children who fail to develop social skills are at risk of a host of behavioral problems as they grow older. → read more
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World to Come and Gan Eden

Why is everyone assured of a place in the Resurrection and World to Come, but not everyone will necessarily enter Gan Eden? → read more
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The Iranian rial is the weakest currency in the world!

During the last year only, the value of the Iranian currency relative to the dollar has fallen further by 52 percent. → read more
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The complete truth about the so-called “loss of IDF combat capability”

Let’s take, for example, the statement of approximately “a thousand Israeli Air Force soldiers” regarding their refusal to be further enlisted for reserve service. → read more
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New F-35 aircraft have arrived in Israel

Three more stealth aircraft will arrive in Israel in the coming months, bringing the total number of stealth aircraft in Israel to 42. → read more
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US announces dismantling of the last stockpile of chemical weapons

It should be mentioned that the process of reduction of nuclear weapons is also continuing, as the US has signed the “New START” treaty. → read more
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Results of the counter-terrorist operation "Home and Garden"

The terrorist operating and command headquarters and ammunition depots were destroyed. → read more
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Successful extension of Operation “Home and Garden” in Jenin

Ending the operation too early will be interpreted by the terrorist groups, and of course Hizbullah and its masters in Iran, as their victory, which in the end can only weaken our deterrence factor! → read more
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Large-scale IDF operation launched in Jenin

Additionally, tanks have been deployed to Jenin, but it is unclear whether they are operating inside the city. → read more
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A Syrian air defence missile fell in the Negev

The missile missed the planes, continued its flight and exploded in mid-air. Its parts were found in the Negev, and some large fragments in the Bedouin town of Rahat. → read more
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The collapse of world governments: the revolt in Russia and the Intifada in France

One of the signs of the coming Redemption as revealed in the holy book of the Zohar is the collapse of world governments. → read more
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Mossad agents captured terrorist right on Iranian territory

The Mossad spokesman promised that the secret service’s determined efforts to prevent terror against Israelis and Jews around the world would continue. → read more
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Israel’s defense exports reached a historic maximum

Israel’s defense exports reached the highest historic level of almost 50 billion shekels this year! About 80 percent of the exports come from two groups of countries... → read more
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Israel: first defense system against hypersonic missiles

Israel is developing the world’s first defense system against hypersonic missiles. → read more
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Iran and its “unique” computer purchased on Amazon

I have already written many times that the Iranian regime is a master of psychological warfare, intimidation, lies and manipulation. → read more
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Germany purchases Israel’s missile defense systems for 4 billion euros

According to reports, the €560 million payment in advance will soon be transferred to Aerospace Industries, the company that produces the “Arrow-3”. → read more
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Iran claims that it has developed a hypersonic missile

But it does not look like a rocket with any special maneuverability and the ability to move much faster than the speed of sound. → read more
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A violent attack on the Egyptian border

Its unfortunate that the mainstream Israeli media hesitates to ask the leadership of the army and the government the obvious, in my opinion, questions. → read more
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If Assimilation is the “Silent Holocaust,” Family Planning is “Silent Abortion”

As religious Jews, we naturally are happy about such a stain — protecting the right to commit an act so terrible as abortion. → read more
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Successful tests of the “С-Dome” system

Now, according to the Defense Ministry, the naval missile defense system “С-Dome” is also capable of successfully defeating cruise missiles. → read more
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Operation Shield And Arrow: Day 4

Israel, however, did not leave the terrorists a chance for such an achievement, using the latest and especially high-quality missile defense system. → read more
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