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The Lebanese economy collapsed by 20% more

Tensions with Lebanon have risen since then, but now with the collapse of the Lebanese pound happening so fast — and it falling 20% in 6 days — Lebanon has a very good reason not to provoke Israel... → read more
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The agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran does not threaten Israel

In other words: it has nothing to do with Israel. It is clearly an internal Saudi interest. → read more
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Impose the death penalty on terrorists!

The apparent miracle was that even though the terrorist shot David at very close range, the wound was not fatal; and even after that, David managed to shoot him back and wound him! → read more
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High-ranking terrorist killed in Damascus

The high-ranking terrorist was killed by gunmen who shot him while traveling in the suburbs of Damascus. → read more
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The Hague court accused Putin of war crimes

Perhaps, from the Western perspective, this is the first step towards direct attempts to replace the Russian leader. → read more
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Israel is successfully fighting Arab terrorists

About 85 terrorists have been eliminated since the beginning of the year! → read more
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Oil price reduction to $68 is good news!

Now we know that Europe is well prepared and survived the winter without significant losses! → read more
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Declassified details about the terrorist attack in Megiddo

It is still not clear how the terrorist got to the Megiddo junction, why he targeted that place and why he went back to the border. → read more
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Iran: Russia Will Sell Su-35 Jets to Us

Russia is doing this without any regard to Israel, as well as to the fact that Iran is enriching uranium to a military level of over 84 percent. → read more
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Companies that fled Israel lost their finances

From our point of view, this situation has once again demonstrated very clearly that the safest place to invest is the Holy Land! → read more
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Bloomberg admitted that the Israeli shekel is the best investment

Bloomberg was forced to admit that the Israeli currency, the shekel, might be the best investment of 2023! → read more
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The Iranian regime faces more and more problems

Today, eight years later, the value of the rial has dropped so much that a dollar is worth 500,000 rials — half a million rials! → read more
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Purim Miracles in Jenin

During the day the terrorists also detonated a missile near an IDF bulldozer which was operating in the Gaza Strip... → read more
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Purim victories over “today’s Aman.”

Our fighters surrounded the home where the terrorist assassin was hiding, then as a result of the ongoing firefight, they killed him and five other terrorists. → read more
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The Decree is Nullified? But…

On the 13th of Nissan, Haman’s decree was issued. The 13th of Adar looks like we’re still in a Golus world. → read more
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The Lebanese pound continues to drop catastrophically

1 Lebanese pound equals 0.00024 Israeli shekels! → read more
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Cutting off the main traffic arteries: strategic strike or act of aggression?

The town of Huwara has been a target for terrorists for many years, since it is one of the only routes by which Israelis can reach the settlements in the northern West Bank. → read more
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Is the Israeli government to bow under the pressure of the US?

Not again! Is the Israeli government willing to bow under the pressure of the US administration this time? → read more
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Israel has approved the budget for the next two years ahead

This means that institutions that will be approved by government ministries will receive full funding, similar to kindergartens, starting at the age of two. → read more
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In Historic Move, Oman Opens Air Space To Israeli Flights

This incredible change in Israel’s relations with the Arab countries, which is happening right in front of our eyes, is a clear sign of the coming Redemption. → read more
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Why does Biden keep stumbling and falling?

Once again, this happened yesterday on his departure from Warsaw. In published footage, we see the American president stumbling as he climbed just over half of the stairs. → read more
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The nuclear arsenal of Russia continues to shrink

Yesterday Putin announced the suspension of Russia's participation in the Nuclear Disarmament Treaty. → read more
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Israel: we will not let the Iranian regime create nuclear weapons

This is all about preventing the situation from leading to a direct military confrontation with Iran. → read more
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Shnas Hakhel — Shnas Ketz?

In other words, motzie shvi’is is a type of ketz. And we already saw that the Rebbe Rashab had reason to be fearful from a shnas ketz. → read more
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The Iranians have enriched uranium to 84%

Here I think it is appropriate to emphasize again: contrary to the loud publications in some media that Iran is “on the edge” of developing nuclear weapons, this is not the case! → read more
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Restoring G-d’s Name Through Tzedakah

Redemption is when “G-d will be one and His name will be one,” in other words, when the entire world will recognize G-d’s infinite and exclusive power. → read more
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Israel for the first time began exporting oil products

It is indeed the Era of Moshiach — Israel is exporting oil products to Europe, that has a need for them, and wants to receive them —from Israel. → read more
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The legitimacy of Israel’s security actions

In general, it is not necessary to wait for the world powers to fully support Israel’s actions, but at the same time it is necessary to act firmly and decisively to protect the interests of its own citizens, including those in the settlements... → read more
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It is necessary to increase public pressure on international organizations!

Who can any longer doubt that the PA government and militant groups, sponsored from abroad, are engaged in terrorist activities? → read more
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Corruption in the Turkish construction business has caused tragic deaths

The photo above shows the terrible destruction from the earthquake in Turkey. However, we can see that some houses have been completely destroyed, while others are standing intact. So, how did this happen? → read more
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Successful IDF anti-terrorist operation in Jericho

Tonight IDF forces carried out an investigation actions in the Arab village of Akabat Jaber near Jericho. → read more
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Chinese spy balloon spotted over U.S.

As Saturday ended, a U.S. fighter jet shot down a Chinese spy balloon near the coast of South Carolina. → read more
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Irrationality and Anti-Semitism

One hater cannot tolerate that a Jew is different while the other cannot tolerate that the Jew is not different. → read more
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Israel bombed a strategic facility in Iran

According to US information, it was Israel that struck and probably successfully hit a missile or drone development facility and destroyed two weapons convoys. → read more
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Get stronger the people of Israel!

And this is more than evident right now, as Jews recall their true purpose, become increasingly firm in the Torah, the source of life, and take an active part in supporting and educating other jews. → read more
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Horrific terrorist attacks on Shabbat in Yerushalayim

Only a firm and proactive position by the government can counter this wave of terror. → read more
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Protecting the lives of civilians is the top priority for the new Israeli government

And today the IDF conducted devastating strikes against targets in Gaza and successfully destroyed an underground Hamas military factory in the Gaza Strip! → read more
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Successful IDF operation in Jenin

During the counterattack our soldiers eliminated at least six more fighters. The number of killed enemy combatants may have been as many as eight or ten. → read more
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10 very interesting facts in Baba Sali’s life

To the merit of Baba Sali, may the most important promise come true — the revelation of Moshiach in our world! → read more
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Mistakes of the Israeli government before the Yom Kippur War

Only recently have the details of this Israeli agent come to light. Previously, for many years, even his name was a closely guarded secret. → read more
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Miracles of the Six Day War

It was for this purpose that Operation “Focus”, a sudden preventive attack on Arab military airfields, was planned and eventually carried out. → read more
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RAFAEL presented “the best anti-tank missile in the world”

In my opinion, this is not an exaggeration at all. We are talking about a unique missile — the world’s first anti-tank missile, called the 6th generation missile. → read more
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How peaceful is the modern world?

Significant reductions have also taken place in the Israeli Air Force over the years. At one time the number of combat aircraft in the IAF was 600, but today, according to foreign publications, there are only 350 in service! → read more
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Nuclear-armed submarines in the disarmament process

Further examination of this graph allows us to notice that in the list of countries with nuclear-armed submarines on board, there is a country whose presence may seem like a surprise to some. It is Israel. → read more
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Israel is the solution rather than the problem

However, even those countries that have not yet signed such agreements with us have also begun to change their attitude toward Israel. → read more
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General Amos Gilboa: “The Lubavitcher Rebbe is the real strategist!”

As he began writing and editing his commander’s biography, Amos Gilboa gained access to the most secret documents of the Office of Military Intelligence, as well as Major General Yariv’s personal notebook. → read more
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Israel's Supreme Court declares the appointment of Aryeh Deri to the ministerial position ineligible

The current situation shows how urgently Israel needs the legal reforms advocated by the Minister of Justice, Yariv Levin. → read more
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EU Parliament urges to declare the IRGC a terrorist organization

However, the current decision of the European Parliament is only a declarative step, which does not directly oblige the European Union and its member states to any measures. → read more
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The miraculous events that happened during the Gulf War

One rocket hit a basketball court, right next to a shelter built near the Beit Dany community center in the a-Tikva neighborhood. → read more
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Israeli company presented a new electronic warfare system

In my opinion, this is due to the special divine blessing that the people of Israel receive in order to be able to stop their enemies, as well as to defeat them when necessary. → read more
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War of Attrition and the interests of the Soviet Union

In recent years we have found out more and more information about the Rebbe’s profound connection with senior IDF officers, government ministers and prime ministers, as well as the leading representatives of the Israeli economy. → read more
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Russia is going to sell Su-35 jets to Iran

Russia, as it appears, in return for the delivery of hundreds of Iranian strike drones used in the continuing aggression against Ukraine, will provide Iran with its most advanced weaponry. → read more
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The Musical Composition of Transformation to Geula

In the next world we will merit a complete revelation which is alluded to in the ten-stringed harp, because we know that the number ten represents perfection. → read more
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Building a Dwelling for Hashem Brick by Brick

The Torah focuses on a description of the type of labor the Egyptians forced them to do, which seems unimportant. → read more
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The reform of Israel's legal system is necessary and urgent!

The Levin reform is intended to restore the proper state of checks and balances between the branches of government, as they are in all other democracies. → read more
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Police will block the usage of terror flags in Israel

From now on, every police officer of any rank, has the right to tear down a PLO flag. → read more
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The Power of Shiloh

One may suggest that the name Shiloh is connected with a prophet, who was arguably Shiloh’s most illustrious resident known as Achiyah the Shilonite. → read more
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Minister Ben-Gvir made the right thing!

It is appropriate here to note the behavior of Minister Ben-Gvir, who refused to fear and to give in under the threat from Arab enemies. → read more
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“Tammuz” is the longest-range anti-tank missile in the world!

“Tammuz” was developed by the Israeli company “Rafael” and deployed in the 1980s in two top secret special units — “Meitar” and “Moran”. → read more
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The new business strategy of IAI is to convert military technologies

The new business strategy of Israel Aerospace Industries is to convert military technologies into “civilian” ones. → read more
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The Possible Preventive Strike in the Yom Kippur War (II)

Despite their obvious dominance in numbers, the Soviets, by the grace and miracle of the Almighty, lost this battle in the most pathetic way. → read more
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Natural Disasters are the Signs of Redemption

The Rebbe explains to us that the purpose of earthquakes is not to cause harm, but only to make the misguided people realize their mistake, and live from now on, acknowledging G-d. → read more
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The Possible Preventive Strike in the Yom Kippur War (I)

On the southern front, the Egyptian army crossed the Suez Canal swiftly and almost without casualties, pushing deep into the Sinai Peninsula before the Israeli reservists got there. → read more
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Libya: a strategic threat which no longer exists (II)

Libya rushed to accuse Israel of evil intentions and that the airliner had not been warned before it was shot down (which, of course, was a complete lie and contradicted all the documentary evidence). → read more
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Libya: a strategic threat which no longer exists (I)

Among the “second circle” countries that once seriously threatened Israel but have now disintegrated or become extremely weak, the most striking are Iraq, Sudan, and Libya. → read more
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Collapse of the Roman Empire is the sign of the coming Redemption

Indeed, for almost 2,000 years since the destruction of Yerushalayim, there has been Rome. Today, however, Rome (Italy) is the country that has become more destroyed than the rest, and so Yerushalayim will be rebuilt! → read more
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The Power of Pomogranates

Interestingly, in research conducted recently on pomegranates from different strains around the world they contained varying numbers of seeds and the average was 613! → read more
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22nd of Shvat 1988: the beginning of a new historical period

By the grace of the Almighty in 1988, an unpredictable great historical change began to take place in the USSR, known to us as the era of “Glasnost” and “Perestroika”. → read more
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Review of the Yom Kippur War

Until today, there is no clear answer to this question. Some military analysts have argued that this was not originally the part of the Syrian plans. → read more
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U.S. intensifies efforts to counter Iranian drone production

The New York Times article reports that the American fight against Iranian drone strikes has multiple vectors. → read more
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About the miracles of the first Gulf War (II)

As for nuclear weapons, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has revealed Iraq’s extremely classified activities on the subject. → read more
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About the miracles of the first Gulf War (I)

Today some say that there was nothing to fear at all, since no chemical weapons were found there after the invasion of Iraq. This is a big mistake made by those who mistook the first “Gulf War” for the second. → read more
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The Collapse of the Governments of the World's Nations

The governments of the world nations are in decline and this brings us closer to revealing the power of the Lubavitcher Rebbe King Moshiach SHLITA, may it happen as soon as possible! → read more
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My journey from the army to Chabad

I had always been a spiritual person, but although I studied the Kabbalah books of the Sephardic sages, I always felt the absence of something important. → read more
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New Information about Israel’s “Jericho” Missile Project

The documents, approved for publication by the US censor, include testimony from American military attachés serving under the US embassy in Israel at the time, who witnessed the missile launches, during the tests that took place in Israel back then. → read more
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Ronald Reagan: the president who stood up for Soviet Jews

During Reagan’s presidency, the U.S. achieved spectacular economic growth that affected literally all segments of the population. → read more
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How Gideon Bashari killed a terrorist during the “Night of the Gliders”

The soldier who succeeded in destroying the terrorist was a Chasid of Chabad soldier, Gideon Bashari, who served in the army warehouse. → read more
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The Second Lebanon War: fifteen years later

As you may recall, during that war, the flagship of our Navy, the multipurpose “Saar 5” corvette, the “Hanit” (“Spear”) was hit directly by an anti-ship rocket fired by Hizbullah operatives from the shore. → read more
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Israel was ready to use a nuclear bomb in the Six Day War

One of the most unexpected stories, which has become known only in the last few years, is just how close Israel was on that day to using its most terrifying weapon. → read more
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Israel: A functioning laser weapon

The aircraft was equipped with the power system necessary to create the laser beam, as well as a tracking system and sensors that allowed it to detect and track unmanned aircraft. → read more
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Breath-taking insights from former Mossad leader Yossi Cohen

Below I have summarized what I consider to be the most interesting and significant facts uncovered by the former head of "Mossad". I will also comment on some of them. My comments are given in square brackets. → read more
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"Ghosts" in the Israeli army

The commander of the "Refaim" unit offered to deploy his fighters to the border to use the new options they were working on and developing to detect terrorists successfully hiding across the difficult border pattern, which included hills, canyons, and dense vegetation. → read more
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The world is unstable — The Redemption is coming

According to Bloomberg and the Financial Times, the Chinese are again intentionally trying to hide the extent of the epidemic. Nevertheless, many reports prove that we are talking about a really massive infection. → read more
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Chasidic "circuitry"

Let's take his example and see how electronic circuitry helps us see how to become better in front of the Almighty? → read more
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Revealed Secrets of the Gulf War

One of the surprising things that stems from this document is the fact that 229 people were directly affected by the Scud missiles. → read more
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The Driving Force of World Processes

Nowadays, however, the rules of the game have begun to change - day by day, the balance is getting more shifted - we are witnessing an increasing rush of our lives rhythm, when our usual definitions of time are losing their meaning, and what previously required a lot of time is now consuming less and less of it. → read more
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Technological inventions and advancements are changing our reality

At the same time, the arms race between the powers created competition, which in turn led to the development of many innovative technologies, including: radio, radar, audio recording, telephone, fax, computer, magnetic storage media, etc. → read more
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Danger: Moscow and Tehran Expanding Cooperation

In turn, Israel expresses its concerns about the Russia possible desire for trying to limit Israel's freedom of action in Syria at the present stage. → read more
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Revolutionary protests continue in Iran

The larger the protest wave among policemen and soldiers becomes, the faster the criminal Iranian regime will collapse. → read more
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The new "Disengagement" must be stopped

What did little Elyakim study at the Nazi school? How did the return of the Jews to Hebron begin? Why did Sharon carry out the "Disengagement"? Who intends to resume the "Disengagement" today? → read more
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How many people serve in the Israel Defense Forces?

Every army in fact keeps many secrets, because its main task is to defeat the enemy, and the best way to achieve this is to take the enemy by surprise. → read more
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Electronic warfare and the Yom Kippur War

Moreover, in the sphere of electronic warfare in the air Israel, along with the US, is considered the leading country in the world and has the most advanced technology. → read more
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The miracles of the Yom Kippur War are greater than the miracles of the Six Day War

In the southern and central Golan about 60 Israeli tanks of the Barak Brigade, with little or no air support, had to stand in front of the steel assaults from over 700 Syrian tanks! → read more
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Israel's special devices in the Yom Kippur War

Moreover, in order to keep the devices in good working order, the batteries in them had to be replaced from time to time. In other words, extra operations that required complex and dangerous entry into the territory of a hostile state. → read more
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The Economic Decline of the Islamic World is the Fulfillment of the Redemption Prophecies

Another illustration of the fall of Ishmael, of course, is the degradation of Iran, which also continues to decline, most notably economically. → read more
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The world is changing to a brighter place

Could anyone have even imagined them just a few years ago? And now these agreements have become an integral part of our lives. → read more
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Military escalation is increasing around the world

The United States, in turn, does not increase its nuclear readiness, obviously not willing to intensify the escalation. At the same time, U.S. authorities are apparently monitoring this situation closely. → read more
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Spirituality from a Jewish perspective is a necessary basis for existence

Reflections of such mass behavior by Chinese citizens can also be found in the individual work of some contemporary scholars. Certain representatives of the social-behavioral sciences. → read more
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