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Successful tests of the “С-Dome” system

Now, according to the Defense Ministry, the naval missile defense system “С-Dome” is also capable of successfully defeating cruise missiles.

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Successful tests of the “С-Dome” system
Successful tests of the “С-Dome” system

Good news! The Defense Ministry has announced the successful accomplishment of a series of tests of the “С- Dome” system. This is a modification of the “Iron Dome” naval-based missile defense system. The system is installed on “Saar 6” corvettes that provide protection for Israeli offshore gas platforms.

Four “Saar 6” corvettes were specially purchased by Israel from Germany due to the discovery and further development of large gas fields on the Mediterranean shelf. All of them are already in service and equipped with the advanced “С-Dome” system, which has passed another successful series of tests.

What seems to me the most important thing in the current message of the Defense Ministry is that the “С-Dome” system was able to successfully hit not only unguided missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles, but also cruise missiles.

Why is it important to consider this? We are referring to a fundamental innovation! Previously, the Navy only used complex and quite expensive Barak anti-missile systems produced by Aerospace Industries to defeat cruise missiles — which are missiles that move at a very low altitude, almost at sea surface level, and are therefore very difficult to intercept.

Now, according to the Defense Ministry, the naval missile defense system “С-Dome” is also capable of successfully defeating cruise missiles.

This is very good news, because the relatively cheap missiles of the “Iron Dome” system can now be used to intercept cruise missiles, which are a much greater threat than conventional unguided missiles!

In addition, the success of the “С-Dome” naval missile defense system in intercepting cruise missiles shows that in the nearest future (and perhaps even now) the conventional land batteries of the Iron Dome system will also have the capability to intercept the most dangerous Iranian missiles — cruise missiles.

In other words, we in Israel have managed to achieve a unique and very important capacity to shoot down dangerous cruise missiles, even with relatively cheap Iron Dome missiles.

This, in turn, means that the protection against cruise missiles will no longer be provided only by the “David’s sling” systems, the missiles of which are quite expensive and the number of batteries is small. From now on, this task will also be carried out by every one of the many “Iron Dome” batteries. In other words, we are talking about a significant and unique modernization of Israel’s air defense system!

This, thank goodness, is important and joyful news! Well, and of course, the laser system, the development of which is also approaching its conclusion, will bring an even more effective solution, actually neutralizing most of the threats from both unguided and cruise missiles.

We are sure that the closer we get towards the Redemption, the clearer is the Creator’s greatest care about the people of Israel. This G-d’s Providence is “wrapped” in natural, physical forms, and it emerges through the creation of successful and amazing protective systems, which, by the grace and miracles of G-d and His miraculous help, make Israel the world leader.

Translated by D. Bilyayev From Успешные испытания системы «Защитный купол» Comments: 0

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