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Can Meditation Be Jewish?

There are many important differences between Jewish meditation and what is generally found in non-Jewish meditation. → read more
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The Goring Ox of Gog and Magog

The commentators explain these three creatures represent nations which will be smitten in the war of Gog and Magog... → read more
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The Soul: Oil, Wick & Two Flames in a Lamp

“The soul of man is the lamp of G-d” is what the wisest of men, king Shlomo, said. Centuries later, Rabbi Dovber of Lubavitch expounded on this theme and masterfully explained how the various aspects of the lamp – the oil, the wick, the fire and the earthenware lamp itself are the perfect way to describe the various aspects of the Jewish soul. → read more
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Where’s Paradise?

Paradise or Gan Eden is the place where a soul gets to once it leaves this world. There it occupies itself with the Torah based on the strengths and comprehension which it possessed in this world. → read more
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20 things you need to know about Kabbalah

Kabbalah — is that a science? Who was the first kabbalist? Where did the monkeys come from? Why is Madonna learning Kabbalah? Why in the past was Kabbalah considered a dangerous thing? Kabbalah and astrology – is there a connection between the two? Did the founder of Christianity have anything to do with Kabbalah? → read more
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