10 Тишрея 5782 года, пятый день недели, гл. Аазину
The Ramban and the real New Testament
With this act, G-d was displaying favor toward the Jewish people by giving them the Second set of Tablets, agreeing to dwell among them, and returning to His original love for them. → read more
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Avraham and Keturah
It may be suggested that the six sons Keturah bore to Abraham represent six negative traits that can and must be transformed into the superior service of Ketores. → read more
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Why was the Torah given in the Desert?
The giving of the Torah in the desert, not indoors, or in a garden or forest or city, is to teach us a lesson. → read more
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Hearing the Lightning
Look around the room. What do you see? You see walls, a floor, a ceiling. You see furniture: A table, a desk, a chair. If you go outdoors, you see the sky, flowers, trees. But what lies under the surface of what you see? → read more
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