16 Тамуза 5784 г., второй день недели, гл. Пинхас

Raise Up Many Students

One could also see how this process works in the reverse. By enacting new laws as a fence around the Torah, we can attain the goal of “raising up many students,” which, in turn leads to “being deliberate in judgment.” → read more
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Four Dimensions Of The Eighth Day

Let us thus examine the reason for the eighth day requirement from all these perspectives. → read more
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Five Lessons From Nadav And Avihu

The lesson here is that no matter how holy and exalted we may be Judaism requires that we have a teacher, mentor or guide with whom to consult. → read more
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Restoring G-d’s Name Through Tzedakah

Redemption is when “G-d will be one and His name will be one,” in other words, when the entire world will recognize G-d’s infinite and exclusive power. → read more
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Irrationality and Anti-Semitism

One hater cannot tolerate that a Jew is different while the other cannot tolerate that the Jew is not different. → read more
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The Musical Composition of Transformation to Geula

In the next world we will merit a complete revelation which is alluded to in the ten-stringed harp, because we know that the number ten represents perfection. → read more
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Building a Dwelling for Hashem Brick by Brick

The Torah focuses on a description of the type of labor the Egyptians forced them to do, which seems unimportant. → read more
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The Power of Shiloh

One may suggest that the name Shiloh is connected with a prophet, who was arguably Shiloh’s most illustrious resident known as Achiyah the Shilonite. → read more
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The Weapon Against Galus

Living in less than an ideal existence allows for a misalignment between the internal and the external, the spiritual and the material. → read more
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The Triad of Renewal

The first lesson is that contrary to the belief of some, the Messianic Age is not an age of rest and retirement. → read more
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The Four Dimensions of Exile and Redemption

Upon reflection we will see that all four “damagers” can be understood as metaphors for Torah which is the antidote to all four forms of exile. → read more
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Seven Intimate Commandments

One may suggest that these seven rabbinical commandments are alluded to in the seven last letters. Each letter is the initial of one of the seven rabbinical commandments. → read more
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The Enigmatic Plague

When we hit rock bottom, the only thing that can get us out of this darkness is to recognize that we are totally helpless and only G-d can extricate us from our emotional prison. → read more
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The Four Dimensions of Freedom and Gratitude

In the Messianic Age, we will experience this highest level of Atzilus. This is expressed in the words of the prophet Isiah which compares the knowledge of G-d that will prevail to the way the sea covers everything in it. → read more
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Do You Know Joseph?

The pagans believed in the existence of hidden forces within the physical realm. When they worshipped natural phenomena they were worshipping what they perceived to be the underlying forces of each and every physical phenomenon. → read more
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