10 Сивана 5784 г., первый день недели, гл. Баалотха

10 very interesting facts in Baba Sali’s life

To the merit of Baba Sali, may the most important promise come true — the revelation of Moshiach in our world! → read more
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The Power of Pomogranates

Interestingly, in research conducted recently on pomegranates from different strains around the world they contained varying numbers of seeds and the average was 613! → read more
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My journey from the army to Chabad

I had always been a spiritual person, but although I studied the Kabbalah books of the Sephardic sages, I always felt the absence of something important. → read more
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Rock star Perry Farrell studies Lubavitcher Rebbe's teachings

Fans know Perry Farrell as a singer from the alternative rock band Jane’s Addiction, but few know that he was born into a Jewish family and his real name is Peretz Bernstein. → read more
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Rabbi Reuven Wolf talks about Moshiach

Rabbi Wolf told over his personal fascinating story, and how he came to the immense Koch in Moshiach that every Shliach has to have. → read more
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Don’t cover that Rabbi’s picture!

But Alex just answered “Just don’t cover that picture!”. Meanwhile the glue made the Peres poster soggy enough that it drooped over his friend’s hand and got all stuck together. → read more
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I'm not going to put on Tefillin!

It was a flight from Israel to New York on El Al. I began at the back of the plane with my Tefillin and worked my way forward with fairly good results. → read more
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Adventure on the plane

After I was sure that all the kids had done the ‘mitzva’ I turned to my gentile friends who were mumbling possible explanations to one another until finally one of them asked me, ‘what are these boxes etc.’ → read more
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Jewish Healing

As an experienced Kung-Fu instructor, and well-versed in its methods of inflicting injury on the human body, Dror felt that he should also know how to repair the damage, so he began to study natural healing. → read more
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Japan: Kids In Action!

Moshiach (8), who is the oldest of the Edery kids once asked a Jewish man, if he would like to put on Tefillin to which he replied:” Sorry I’m in a rush I haven’t go time”. → read more
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Niz’s raps are 100% kosher

Nathan Isaac Zand - who goes by the moniker Niz - is a Brookline-bred hasidic Jew who puts his faith to a beat and knows how to tear up a stage. → read more
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The Chasidic Horse Trainer

This week, the horse R' Gedalia trains raced in a tournament with a rider wearing a Moshiach jersey made specially for the race... and of course his horse won first place! → read more
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Miss South Africa's Journey To Judaism

Ellen Nester Peters was crowned Miss South Africa South in 1973, and later that year she came in ninth at the Miss World contest. Today she is an observant Orthodox Jew known as Ilana Skolnik... → read more
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Y-Love Supreme

Meet Yitz Jordon, a mocha-skinned, Hasidic rapper also known as Y-Love. He’s a convert to Jewish Orthodoxy who spits faith-based rhymes in a mixture of English and Aramaic, the ancient language of the Talmud and Kabbalah. → read more
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Matisyahu Makes It Cool To Be Jewish

He lives in Crown Heights, the heart of the Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn, but Matisyahu is a rapper. → read more
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