11 Ияра 5784 г., первый день недели, гл. Бэар

‘My Views on Moshiach’

There you will find an answer to your question with regard to the Moshiach, the Messianic Age and my views on the subject. → read more
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The Halachic Progression of the Redemption

I will only add a further significant point, namely that this ruling and Din of the Rambam is not contested by any Posek. → read more
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Letter to the King of Morocco

May G-d continue to bestow His generous blessings on your Majesty and royal family, and all the people of Morocco, for a full measure of health and prosperity, both materially and spiritually. → read more
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Letter to the King of Spain

Your government and country has played a keynote role in marking this historic event with appropriate celebrations that were emulated in many parts of the world. → read more
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The Rebbe’s Opinion On: “Bible Criticism”

You mention, in passing, certain theories by certain Bible critics. But, as you know, it is not a case where these people have a different tradition from ours, going back to all those ancient generations. → read more
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Is Islam Avoda Zara?

In the above you will find an answer also to another question of yours, namely whether Jews should encourage conversions to Judaism among non-Jews → read more
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Is A Therapist Considered A Physician According To Halacha?

On 8 Teves 5747 (1947), the Rebbe wrote this fascinating letter to a Jewish psychiatrist from Ontario, Canada. → read more
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Proof of Existence of G-d

Similarly regarding this question which asks for proof of the truth of the existence of G-d. → read more
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Could the Pope Have Saved Jews During the Holocaust?

Does she not know of the terrible tragedy of the millions of Jews who were savagely put to death by the Germans and their cohorts, while the rest of the world the gentiles looked on with complete indifference? → read more
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Why to interfere with HaShem's blessing and contemplate a change of sex?

In the light of the above, it is not clear why you should want to interfere with HaShem's blessing and contemplate a change of sex... → read more
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There is a Rebbe in Israel

There is a Rebbe in Israel, and he is not bound by the laws of nature, and one who wishes to go by the safest root, in his business or his home and so forth, will not raise a finger without consulting the Rebbe... → read more
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