19 Ияра 5784 г., второй день недели, гл. Бехукотай

The death of the president: an ordinary accident or a miracle?

For Israel, this is an undeniable miracle — the very thing that is presented to us in the form of “the natural course of things.” → read more
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The wicked nations will be wiped out!

The open statement of the vile criminal went without any condemnation from the progressivist Biden administration and the governments of the Arab and Western world. → read more
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Should we fear the proximity of a global thermo-nuclear war?

So, are we on the verge of a global thermo-nuclear war? Our answer is a definitive “no”! → read more
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The circle of hostile regimes around Israel began to collapse on 11 Shvat!

And here it is appropriate to recall that the current era of violent wars and conflicts within the Arab world broke out precisely on 11 Shvat 5771 (2011) — exactly 60 years after the Lubavitcher Rebbe SHLITA King Moshiach led the Chassidic movement. → read more
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ISIS claimed responsibility for the bombings in Iran

Two years ago, ISIS terrorists also attacked one of the most important Shiite shrines, the Shah Cherah Mausoleum in Shiraz, killing 15 people and wounding dozens more. → read more
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In the United States, the Speaker of the House of Representatives has been fired

Such an impeachment of a speaker by the members of his own party has never happened before in the entire American history! → read more
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Three budget amendments in the US Congress

This means that the U.S. Embassy remains in Jerusalem and cannot be moved back to Tel Aviv under any circumstances, since Congress has not appropriated funds to do so. → read more
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New York was flooded as a result of heavy rain, a state of emergency has been declared

Heavy flooding was reported in New York City, Long Island and Bergen, Rockland and Westchester counties. Calls for evacuations were also heard in Brooklyn and Queens. → read more
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The conflict between Iran and Azerbaijan is intensifying

Azerbaijan's military operation managed to achieve its goals very quickly. Armenian units in Nagorno-Karabakh surrendered within two days. → read more
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What’s Wrong With Non-Chassidishe Music?

The question can be considered a good, logical question as long as we are not aware of the inner significance of Chabad niggunim. → read more
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Rational Giving

Researchers in psychology have often observed that while cooperation among people is the most logical and rational choice, people will often act irrationally to prevent someone else from taking advantage of them. → read more
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4 techniques and tools to minimize stress

The Bible is clear that we do not live in a world of random chaos. It makes logical sense to believe that there is an order to all. → read more
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Depression, Embracing Purpose, Selflessness, and Happiness

Depression can be overcome by embracing purpose, selflessness, and genuine happiness. → read more
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Global tensions are rising: US, Philippines, China, Africa and Poland

There is no doubt that provocations between the powers are still ongoing and even intensifying, and as the Sages told us, “If you see the kingdoms provoking one another, expect the coming of Moshiach.” → read more
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Social Skills

Children who fail to develop social skills are at risk of a host of behavioral problems as they grow older. → read more
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