11 Ияра 5784 г., первый день недели, гл. Бэар

The birth of ARPANET — the predecessor of the Internet

On Mar Cheshvan 18, 5730 (10/29/1969), the ARPANET began, a small network of academic computers that became the predecessor of the Internet. → read more
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Quantum Physics in the Torah & G-dly Wisdom in Science

Torah is not dependent on science but far higher. → read more
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Quantum Field Theory and the Unity of G-d

The ultimate goal is to overcome the physical veneer of materialism and the coarseness of a very deceiving world and recognize the true essence and source of everything: G-d Almighty. → read more
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Chasidic "circuitry"

Let's take his example and see how electronic circuitry helps us see how to become better in front of the Almighty? → read more
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The Driving Force of World Processes

Nowadays, however, the rules of the game have begun to change - day by day, the balance is getting more shifted - we are witnessing an increasing rush of our lives rhythm, when our usual definitions of time are losing their meaning, and what previously required a lot of time is now consuming less and less of it. → read more
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Technological inventions and advancements are changing our reality

At the same time, the arms race between the powers created competition, which in turn led to the development of many innovative technologies, including: radio, radar, audio recording, telephone, fax, computer, magnetic storage media, etc. → read more
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Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome: Competition or Friendship?

In this example, we clearly see that the path to wealth does not lie through conquering, but through sharing. → read more
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The Unemployed Eye Doctor

With the coming of the Redemption, all physicians will find themselves unemployed. The reason for that is that all people will be healed and will stop falling sick. → read more
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Did Yeshayahu Predict Computers?

Now, finally, Torah has come to the world of inanimate objects – i.e., computers, which are made up of metal and plastic. → read more
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Rational Giving

This lesson seems so obvious as it pertains to bacteria, yet as human beings, we find it very difficult to learn. → read more
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Radiating Outward

Similarly, we have a responsibility to radiate light outward. The Jewish people are known as a light unto the nations. It is up to us to serve as proud examples of the Torah’s teachings, and to spread its light outward to the entire world. → read more
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Adaptability of Life

Biologists have discovered over a hundred species of "extremophiles", which live under conditions that were originally thought to be too extreme for life. → read more
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A Naked Singularity

A fascinating phenomenon studied by modern physics is the black hole. When a massive star has spent all its energy and no longer radiates light, it collapses under its own weight. Some stars stabilize at smaller sizes. → read more
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Jews Smarter, It's Genetic

Jews' average IQ score is seven to 15 points higher than gentiles and they are exceptionally accomplished, claims the British social theorist Dr Charles Murray. → read more
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