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A facility for the production of “precision missiles” has been discovered in Gaza

However, no one mentioned that HAMAS is also trying to produce such rockets! Were they not aware again?

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A facility for the production of “precision missiles” has been discovered in Gaza
Rockets in Gaza IDF

The IDF Press Service has authorized the release of a report that members of the Nahal, in cooperation with Military Intelligence (AMAN), have succeeded in locating a facility for the production of “precision missiles” in the Gaza Strip. High-precision rockets pose a serious threat, as they can effectively hit strategic targets, including power plants, desalination plants and other water infrastructures, communications facilities, air force bases and so on.

In recent years, Israel has closely monitored Hezbollah’s efforts to produce precision rockets and has systematically thwarted them by destroying related infrastructure. Moreover, IDF commanders and government officials have repeatedly stated that if Hezbollah comes close to a certain number of these rockets, Israel will have to launch a preemptive strike.

Детали ракет (IDF)
Детали ракет (IDF)

However, no one mentioned that HAMAS is also trying to produce such rockets! Were they not aware again?

Let me be honest, I had similar suspicions, but had no supporting information.

Now that the IDF has infiltrated deep into the Gaza Strip and has already gathered a tremendous amount of intelligence, it has become possible to determine the exact location where HAMAS has also begun the process of producing such precision missiles. Of course, all of this was controlled and directed by Hezbollah instructors and directly from Iran.

By the grace of the Almighty, HAMAS does not seem to have succeeded in producing such missiles. At least, so far we have not heard of their interception. I don’t exclude the possibility that they have been intercepted. Perhaps that’s why the “David’s staff” system has been used several times in the current war.

How can we deal with the threat of such missiles from Hezbollah?

First, as already mentioned, we must stop their production — consistently destroying infrastructure and production lines, as well as shipments of components that come from Iran.

Second, it appears that the IDF’s operational plan is to make a rapid advance at the decisive moment and take control of such missile launch areas, including the use of special forces deep inside enemy territory. This is exactly what was done during the Second Lebanon War.

Third, it is necessary to provide strategic facilities with appropriate defense systems. This process is already underway in Israel, and some critical infrastructures, including air force bases and other similar facilities have been fortified and protected.

This echelon of defense is primarily based on the “David’s Sling”. — A multi-layered missile defense system designed to intercept short-range ballistic missiles and large-caliber unguided missiles with a firing range of 70 to 300 kilometers, including high-precision missiles. The intercept success rate of this system is quite high.

And finally, let us not forget that: “Behold the Guardian of Israel will neither slumber nor sleep” We have just witnessed how the threat of high-precision rockets from the Gaza Strip was eliminated before it could even become real. We cannot avoid seeing the true good of G-d in this!

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