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What to do with Gaza after the war?

All those who oppose them should be reminded of what is left of their boasted “concept”, which collapsed into the abyss of the horrific massacre and genocide of the Jews only a few weeks ago.

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What to do with Gaza after the war?
Gaza IDF

Many people are now asking: What should we do with Gaza after the end of the active military actions? What should we do with the 1.5 million Arabs ( unlikely that there are more, despite the statements of Hamas and UN officials who are interested in exaggerating the number of inhabitants in order to receive more funding) who are currently gathered in the southern part of the Gaza Strip? After all, we will have to take care of their housing, food, water, health and everything else.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced this week that security issues in the Gaza Strip will remain under the IDF’s control. However, as for civilian issues, it remains unknown under which administration they will be assigned. In the meantime, the Biden administration and its vassals in Israel are actively pushing the idea of transferring the Strip to the notorious “P@lestinian Authority” (PA).

It is clear that PA which conducts diplomatic terror against Israel in the international arena, encourages the murder of Israelis, pays generous salaries and pensions to the families of murderers of Jews, an “administration” whose head is Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen), who under the guidance of his KGB handlers, received his doctoral dissertation in Moscow that denied the Shoah, and now denies the horrific massacre of October 7, claiming that it was we Israelis who shot ourselves, and he is completely inappropriate to be the civilian authority of the sector.

Moreover, today, when every Arab in Israel who encourages the murder of Jews or participates in pro-Hamas demonstrations is arrested and then prosecuted and even imprisoned, Abbas should have already been arrested and prosecuted a long time ago for his constant promotion of terror and the murder of Jews, instead of being considered a candidate for the presidency of the Strip.

Let’s not forget that it was precisely the PA under Mahmoud Abbas that fired rockets at Sderot and the neighboring villages until 2006 until Hamas expelled it from the Gaza Strip. There is no doubt that if they return, G-d forbid, they will again fire rockets and terrorize us....

The Prime Minister’s idea of creating a situation in which security is in our hands and civil autonomy is in the hands of the PA Arabs is at least strange. It seems that Netanyahu is once again going to repeat the same mistake that Rabin and Peres made when they signed the infamous Oslo Accords.

It is incredible how such an experienced Prime Minister refuses to recognize what has been proven over and over again: without a civilian authority, there will be no military authority. Has he also forgotten the Lubavitcher Rebbe SHLITA King Moshiach’s warning that under the Arabs, civilian authority immediately turns into military control?

Just a few days ago, Prime Minister Netanyahu clearly stated: “We are not interested in controlling the Gaza Strip”. This miserable statement seems to defy the Creator and Master of the Universe, Who gave the Holy Land in all its integrity to the people of Israel, and to Him we are now arrogantly saying that we are totally not interested in this gift.

It also clearly shows a disrespect for all those who were brutally murdered during Simchat Torah and in the days that followed, thereby proving by their tragic deaths the total failure of the notorious “concept”. Hundreds of these Israelis became the victims of the insane idea that we should rely on our sworn adversaries and grant them civil autonomy inside our Holy Land. A reliance that ignores all the inevitable threats to the lives of many Jews, contrary to what is written in the Shulhan Aruch (329): “In the places near the border you should not allow strangers to enter, even if they just come to gather straw or hay for themselves, and even if these strangers are well known to us and we trust them.” It is clear that these border lands, should not be allowed to be taken by strangers and especially those who are adversaries.

If, G-d forbid, this proposal is implemented, it would be an actual “betrayal” of the promises made to our heroic soldiers who sacrificed their lives in this war so that after the victory we could live in peace. It is true that our Government has promised several times that “this time we will push to the end” in order to completely liberate the Gaza Strip from terrorists.

Aren’t the bloodthirsty murderers from the village of Hawara near Shechem exactly the same terrorists? Aren’t the genocidal raiders from Jenin the same kind of terrorists? Then are we selflessly fighting the enemy with the aim of exchanging the terrorists from Gaza for terrorists from Judea and Samaria?

Even the most naive person now realizes that if the Arabs are given any slightest control over Gaza, if it is only “autonomy” in matters of education and culture, construction and development, and health care, in the blink of an eye every member of Fatah (PA) in Gaza will turn into a murderous Hamas member. After all, this is exactly what happened to the Arabs in Judea and Samaria after the signing of the cursed “Oslo Accords.”

Even back then, we, on behalf of the Rebbe SHLITA, were already warning that for Arabs, “autonomy” would also mean military control. However, all our warnings during those days stumbled upon the ignorant misunderstanding of the politicians.

What will stop their “Minister of Education” from incorporating into the curriculum of the damned seed of Amalek of Gaza the history of their present destruction (their next Nakba) in order to continue to cultivate in them a fierce hostility to us? What will prevent him from using all the blood libels and lies that are being fed to PA children from their early years? Since the army, whose powers will be limited to military control, just exactly as it does now in Judea and Samaria, will not have the power to stop this incitement.

It is true that Netanyahu emphasized that he would not allow the children of the autonomy to continue to receive such an education. However, how can he prevent this, when even in Jerusalem, which is completely under our control (just a few dozen meters from the Knesset), he has no right today to change the textbooks that incite Arab children to hatred and terror against Jews.

Moreover, the experience gained over the past seventeen years has clearly shown that as soon as the Gaza Strip holds another democratic election, all the leaders elected by the local population will once again be representatives of Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

Our enemies will literally burst out in laughter, unable to believe how foolish and gutless the Jews have been, falling into the same trap time after time and giving them power like a ripe fruit, demanding nothing in return.

Among the one and a half million Arabs now gathered in the southern Gaza Strip are not only women and children, but also thousands of Hamas terrorists who have escaped from our army. If the security issues, together with civil administration, are not taken care of with the help of our army, these terrorists will soon regain their positions and a terror empire will again emerge in the Gaza Strip, just as it is happening in Judea and Samaria.

Even now, as our army, by the grace of G-d, crushes the enemies, including those who are in their hideouts in the Arab cities of Judea and Samaria, Jews throughout Israel continue to be threatened. Every day, Arab terrorists from the “autonomy” attack Jews with firearms, edged weapons, rocks, cars, in other words, anything they can use to kill. If we only ease the pressure, and even more so, if we give more areas to the terrorist from Ramallah and his terrorist gang, the terror will only intensify.

We, the Hasidim of Chabad, grew up with the warning of our Rebbe SHLITA, King Moshiach, that giving up even a single inch of the Holy Land poses an imminent threat to our lives, even if it means “just” granting autonomy.

When this terrible war broke out, we could only raise our hands in despair, why didn’t you listen to the Rebbe’s warnings? But now! How can anyone now, after what has already happened, continue to talk seriously about repeating the mistakes that have already been made?

How will the Prime Minister or the Defense Minister justify themselves if the Hamas-Fatah terrorists once again emerge from their holes, which “have no end”, and we will once again have to engage in a bloody war with them.

Once again our political leaders will “encourage” us with the same pathetic slogans which are discredited by them, that “this time we are fighting for our home”, that “it’s either them or us” again.

Are you absolutely sure that miracles will happen again? That hundreds of thousands of reservists will again agree to go into battle and die for Israel, knowing that they will again be deceived and their victory will again be worthless?

But does anyone have another plan? After all, it is clear to everyone that we will have to solve the problem of the approximately 1.5 million Arabs currently crowded in the southern part of the Strip one way or another.

So what do we do?

The solution is this: when the people of Israel take control of the Gaza Strip, all the numerous problems will be solved.

The Prime Minister and his ministers claim that Hamas must be “eliminated”. But how do we know that Hamas’s power in Gaza has been eliminated? It is impossible to measure it by the number of terrorists killed or the number of buildings destroyed... After all, they have no compassion for people, and even less for material possessions. They are convinced that the world will give them everything again and in full.

The answer is simple: Hamas’s rule will end as soon as we end the occupation of the Gaza Strip by Arab imperialists and officially extend our sovereignty to that part of our homeland. Only by doing so will we not only eradicate the injustice of the criminal “Disengagement” of 2005, but we will also remind all the nations of the world that the entire Land of Israel belongs to the people of Israel forever.

And that, when you think carefully about it, is the only way to fulfill the promises to “defeat Hamas”. Then we can also deal with the problem of hostile Arab colonists accumulating in the south.

We are convinced that the approach to dealing with the Gaza Strip must be in accordance with the following “Ten Commandments”:

1. Ending the Arab occupation in the Gaza Strip and completely cleansing this area of the country of terrorists.

2. Only Israel will govern the entire Gaza Strip, without any interference from the haters of Israel.

3. this supervision will extend not only to security issues but also to education, healthcare, etc.

4. No foreign institution of power will gain any control over the Gaza Strip, even in the form of autonomy.

5. Every terrorist who tries to challenge this provision will meet the fate of the Hamas terrorists.

6. The Israeli administration will establish temporary residences in the Strip for the Arab settlers who remain in the Strip and appoint administrators to run them.

7. The countries of the world will be allowed to bear part of the financing and resettlement of the Arab occupiers of the Gaza Strip.

8. All 23 Jewish settlements destroyed under the criminal “Disengagement” plan will be rebuilt.

9. Similarly, all Jewish settlements around the Strip that were destroyed by the Arab invaders will be rebuilt.

10. In the construction sites for the Arab settlers, the Arab construction workers and foremen may be employed, but in the Jewish settlements, the principle of “Jewish labor” must be preserved.

I am not fooling myself, even in the present “right-wing” (in fact, the most right-wing and determined government we have now) government, there will surely be opponents to such proposals. Nevertheless, if the Prime Minister decides to pass them into law, he will have a majority in the coalition.

All those who oppose them should be reminded of what is left of their boasted “concept”, which collapsed into the abyss of the horrific massacre and genocide of the Jews only a few weeks ago.

We should also not intimidate ourselves with made-up imaginary opposition from the countries of the world.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe King Moshiach foresaw that the United States would continue to support us (despite the hatred of Israel by progressives and other enemies of the Jewish people). Often we hear calls of discontent or even hints of open hostile pressure from the Democratic administration. Nevertheless, the internal structure of the U.S. is such that its administration will be forced to accept Israel’s decisions and actions if we are united.

The Israeli government can and must make it clear to the Americans that this is a critical issue for us — confronting a threat to our very existence and that we will not back down. If we are united and determined, the U.S. and the rest of the world will get over it and recognize our right.

Finally, some people will surely ask, why are you writing about this now? After all, the war is still raging. The question of “what to do about the Gaza Strip” will only become relevant in a few months, so why should we fuel the disagreements now?

The answer is simple:

A firm and decisive declaration that we are on the path to putting an end to the occupation of the Gaza Strip from the Arab invaders and turning it into a prosperous part of Israel ( commemorating, among other things, the names of those who were killed on the holiday of Simchat Torah) will strengthen the motivation of our soldiers who are now on the front lines. They will realize that they are actually “fighting for their home” and it really is “it’s either them or us.”

Since the media, which is serving the enemy, is already discussing this to the fullest, trying its best to suppress the motivation of our fighters by convincing them that they are sacrificing their lives for the power of Abbas and his gang, it is imperative that we, and especially the Government, speak out right now.

There is another important point: only after the Government recognizes the entire Gaza Strip as part of Israel and announces the rebuilding of the settlements will the Government be able to attract investors from abroad who will want to be partners in the incredible miracle that is unfolding right before their eyes — turning darkness into light.

The government on its part will provide land for development at a symbolic price, and then such projects will attract funds either in the form of investment or donations.

All this will also lead to the activation of many contractors capable of building settlements and infrastructures, which in turn will lead to an economic boom and even more foreign capital (of which there is now a lot in countries outside the hostile EU, such as South America).

We just need to realize that most of the obstacles to everything described above are only in our own heads and nowhere else. Therefore, all we really need to do to start implementing these ambitious plans is to allocate a team of engineers right now to plan the restructuring of the entire sector, so that we can actually start building right after a complete military victory.

Translated by D. Bilyayev From Что делать с Газой после войны?

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