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During Operation Breaking Dawn the IDF Attacked a "Third Country"

Why would Israel attack such a country?

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During Operation Breaking Dawn the IDF Attacked a
During Operation Breaking Dawn the IDF Attacked a "Third Country"

The Israeli Chief of Staff, General Kochavi  has made an unusual statement regarding the recent Operation Dawn saying that a “third country was attacked.” In other words, in addition to attacks against the terrorist group “Islamic Jihad”, the IDF also carried out an operation against a certain “third” country. What specific country the Chief of Staff was referring to remains  unclear. 

In my opinion, it is obvious that it was not about Syria, since our army strikes Syria on a regular basis. Therefore, an attack on Syria would be nothing new.

Most likely, he had in mind a country against which the IDF carries out relatively rare attacks, so the actions of our army against it required special mention.

Why would Israel attack such a country?

It is reasonable to assume the following:  in the course of hostilities against Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip, our intelligence revealed preparations for an attack on Israel from the territory of this country. After that, either an Israeli preemptive strike followed or the attack was retribution for previous activities from the territory of this country related to Islamic Jihad.

It is possible that this country was Iraq. There is known to exist a wide network of Shia organizations armed with long-range strike drones and possibly long-range missiles as well.

According to foreign publications, the IDF has had to attack Iraqi territory several times in recent years. It is possible that in the course of the operation, it became necessary to stop the activities of these groups or deliver a preemptive strike on their base associated with Islamic Jihad.

Another reasonable assumption is that we are talking about Yemen. Indeed, both during Operation Dawn and immediately after it, several reports flashed in the media about the IDF attacking the IRGC base in Yemen, where Houthi terrorists are training to use long-range attack unmanned aerial vehicles. According to publications, as a result of a massive attack on this base, dozens of militants were killed, including at least 6 Iranians (IRGC) and Lebanese (Hezbollah).

All these reports add to a series of revelations in recent years about the growing Israeli  activity against the Houthi terrorists in Yemen, both at the level of intelligence gathering and at the operational level meaning countermeasures aimed at preventing the development of opportunities that threaten Israel. It also has become  known that because of this threat, the air defense systems in the south of the country will be strengthened.

In short, through the mercy of the Almighty and the miracles revealed to us, along with the blow dealt to the Islamic Jihad group, the Shiite terrorists (in Iraq or Yemen) were dealt a blow as well.

Let there be more good news!

Translated by Yosef Vinisky From Зачем ЦАХАЛ атаковал «третью страну»? Comments: 0

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