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  1. # Barry Fadams пишет: []

    But the Rambam specifically writes not to study about Moshiach as it does not bring to fear of God?

  2. # Barry Fadams пишет: []

    Is the rebbe really Moshiach? If so, why don\'t rainbows appear with the white, red and green colours significantly brighter than normal, as the Zohar predicts in Parashat Noach?

  3. # Z'eiv пишет: []

    We meet again :)
    In response to your comment number 1 - you completely misunderstood the Rambam.
    Let's see what he writes:
    Hilchos Melachim, 12:2, translated by Eliyahu Touger:
    "Regardless [of the debate concerning these questions] {prophetic metaphors, Elijah, Gog & Magog} neither the order of the occurrence of these events nor their precise detail are among the fundamental principles of the faith. A person should not occupy himself with the Aggadot and homiletics concerning these and similar matters, nor should he consider them as essentials {v'lo y'simam ikkar}, for [study of] them will neither bring fear nor love [of God]."
    Now, the Rambam himself dedicated the entire two chapters to Hilchos Moshiach. Obviously he holds that it IS important to study about Moshiach - what is nogea L'halocho.
    On the other hand, even other things that Rambam says that they do not add fear or love of G-d - nevertheless they are parts of Torah and could be studied.
    After all, you yourself seem to enjoy quoting these sources! :)
    As for your comment number 2: See the Rambam that I quoted.
    And the Halocho of how Moshiach must come and what must happen has to be according to Rambam, Hilchois Melachim, chapters 11 and 12. This is the only undisputed psak halocho in this case.
    You can't make Zohar, Gemorro or Midrashim into halocho.
    Yechi HaMelech!

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