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The death of the president: an ordinary accident or a miracle?

For Israel, this is an undeniable miracle — the very thing that is presented to us in the form of “the natural course of things.”

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The death of the president: an ordinary accident or a miracle?
The death of the president: an ordinary accident or a miracle?

There is no doubt that there will be many more theories written around the sudden death of Iranian President Raisi and several top officials from his entourage, including some conspiracy theories. There are, for example, those who claim that this is nothing more than a fight between rival clans within the Iranian regime. Anyway, there are many points in this story in which we see a clear manifestation of G-d’s Providence:

1. Three helicopters flew together. Two of them remained unharmed, only the helicopter with the president and other high-ranking representatives of the villainous regime crashed.

2. In addition to the crash itself, a fire broke out at the crash site. As a result, some of the bodies of these Israel-haters were burned beyond recognition.

How not to recall the heinous crime of the Arabs from Gaza, who by order of their Iranian masters (these same) deliberately burned the Jews who were in their hands, may the Almighty avenge the death of the righteous. As it is said (Psalms 94:1): “O God of vengeance, O Lord; O God show vengeance.”

3. Even if at the beginning there was any chance to save the people injured in the crash, it disappeared due to extremely difficult weather conditions, severe cold and rain that turned into a snowstorm, which simply did not allow rescuers and medics to reach the site and conduct evacuation. In fact, the storm broke out exactly over the helicopter crash site. At the same time the storm intensified even more during the search, preventing the rescuers from even finding the helicopter, not to mention providing emergency assistance. Actually, the crash site itself was found only in the morning. Only eleven hours later, rescue teams finally arrived in the area, but by this time there was no one to save.

4. This group of high-ranking Iranian officials was returning from a very important meeting with the president of Azerbaijan, a Muslim country which at the same time has open friendly relations with Israel. It is not every day that the president, the foreign minister and a number of other top government officials leave the country at once and jointly on a foreign visit.

It is also possible that at this meeting the leaders of the Iranian regime tried to put pressure on the leadership of Azerbaijan, demanding to interrupt friendship with Israel and to stop certain actions attributed to the Israeli security services, which seem to come from the territory of Azerbaijan. The death of Iran’s president, its foreign minister, the governor of a major province adjacent to Azerbaijan, and a very senior imam is a serious blow to the Iranian regime and its diplomatic and political efforts. And therefore, it is important and good for us.

5. All this happened in an extremely difficult period in terms of threats and challenges to the security of our country. All these threats and challenges are the result of the Iranian regime’s activities: the war in the south against Hamas — Iranian satellites, the coming war in the north against another Iranian satellite Hizbullah, the opposition to air attacks from Iraq and Yemen, and Iran’s direct missile attack on Israel itself, when they tried to drag us into a big and long war of attrition by continuously threatening us with a “Great War”... Now all their plans are tangled.

Now even as our war in the south continues, the attention of the bosses of the Iranian regime will be focused on their internal affairs. There will now be a fierce undercover war between rival clans trying to wrestle the suddenly vacant positions from each other.

For Israel, this is an undeniable miracle — the very thing that is presented to us in the form of “the natural course of things.”

By law, in Iran, elections must be held within the next fifty days. Therefore, the leaders of the regime will now be busy with their internal struggles and will not be able to interfere with us to the fullest extent. Moreover, during this period they will even be interested in not being drawn into any serious confrontation with Israel.

By the way, the number fifty immediately reminds us of the “tree fifty elbows high” on which the wicked Haman was hanged in ancient Persia. How can we not recall the lines from the Scroll of Esther, which we read on the wonderful holiday of Purim (6:13): “If Mordechai, before whom you began to fall, is of the descendants of the Jews, you will not overcome him, but will inevitably fall before him.” In other words, the first fall will bring more and more new downfalls, until the final collapse of the Iranian regime very soon with the help of G-d, Blessed be His Name.

“Bless the Lord for He is good, for His kindness is everlasting!”

Translated by D. Bilyayev From Обычная авария или чудо? Comments: 0

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