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Israeli company presented a new electronic warfare system

In my opinion, this is due to the special divine blessing that the people of Israel receive in order to be able to stop their enemies, as well as to defeat them when necessary.

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Israeli company presented a new electronic warfare system
Scorpius photo: www.iai.co.il

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) presented its new “Scorpius” electronic warfare system. It is actually a complete product line of electronic warfare systems capable of simultaneously striking multiple threats on different frequencies and in different directions, disabling the electronic systems of aircraft, helicopters, drones, ships, missiles, as well as blocking communication lines and much more.

The principle of such systems is based on the advanced technology “AESA” (Active Electronically Scanned Array). In other words, we are talking about fixed, not rotating antennas. Identical is the functioning of the radar on the F-35 stealth aircraft. This innovation provides extensive and previously unprecedented capabilities in the field of electronic warfare. The system can be mounted on airplanes, ships or can be operated from the ground.

The technological breakthrough of “Scorpius” is associated with the unique sensitivity of the receiver and transmitter power, capable of blocking radars, navigation systems, communications and other sensors of aircraft, helicopters, ships and missiles for many kilometers. Both of these capabilities of the “Scorpius” system (receiver sensitivity and transmitter power) are much higher than those of the previous generation of EW systems.

Thus, the uniqueness of the new Israeli “Scorpius” system as compared with similar global competitors, in my opinion, lies in its particularly long range and the ability to use narrowly targeted beams that neutralize a specifically selected enemy system.

In addition, having the ability to act against multiple targets simultaneously, the system provides a comprehensive defense against multiple threats.

For example, the naval variant (Scorpius N) is designed to protect ships primarily against cruise missiles and UAVs, as well as to neutralize the radar of attacking fighters or helicopters lifted from other ships to gather intelligence or identify other threats.

As a comprehensive long-range defense system, “Scorpius” is relatively compact compared to its capabilities. This allows the system to be mounted on a variety of platforms, including aircraft (Scorpius SP), providing protection against all types of air-to-air or anti-aircraft missiles.

Another modification (Scorpius SJ), providing jamming of enemy radio-electronic complexes in the air and on the ground, can also be installed on special aircraft, enabling the disruption of large enemy defense systems, including anti-aircraft missile batteries of different types, anti-aircraft guns, radars and fire control systems, air traffic coordination systems, communication systems and much more.

Interestingly, such an advanced system with completely unique capabilities compared to other countries’ systems is an entirely Israeli invention.

Israel’s capabilities in the field of electronic warfare are, without exaggeration, among the most advanced in the world ( even in comparison with Russian or United States systems).

In my opinion, this is due to the special divine blessing that the people of Israel receive in order to be able to stop their enemies, as well as to defeat them when necessary.

Our special achievements in the field of electronic warfare, in my opinion, have to do with the fact that we are talking about weapons that are to a large extent not “material” but “spiritual” (such as cyberweapons, lasers, etc.). — capable of disarming and neutralizing the enemy with minimal damage to human life). It is no coincidence that it is the nation of Israel, as the “light for all nations” leading all mankind to Redemption, which succeeds in these areas.

The great breakthrough and great success of the people of Israel in these areas becomes more and more visible as we approach Redemption. That is when spirituality, holiness and purity will finally fill our entire reality.

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