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Three Amazing Rebbe Stories

Below are three amazing stories involving a close relative of mine and the Lubavitcher Rebbe King Messiah.

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Three Amazing Rebbe Stories
Igrot Kodesh

Below are three amazing stories involving a close relative of mine and the Lubavitcher Rebbe King Messiah.

Story 1

Sometime in the 1980's, my relative and her husband owned a car lot in the Los Angeles area.

One a day customer came in and while examining a car, somehow severely injured his finger on the car's door jamb and had to be rushed to the hospital. My relative and her husband got very upset and worried as the injury could have resulted in a law suit with heavy fines and a possibility of losing the business entirely.

On the advice of a local Chabad rabbi, they wrote a letter to the Rebbe explaining the circumstances and asking for a blessing to successfully deal with the situation. The answer came back within days in the form of a letter where in addition to the blessing, the Rebbe advised them to check the mezuzos and the tefillin.

They did have mezuzos, however the husband, as far as he knew, did not have a pair of tefillin and hadn't been putting any on for years.

Still, they were at a loss as the Rebbe specifically had indicated to check the tefilin as opposed to buying or borrowing. Not knowing what to do, the husband decided to ask his parents. Turned out they they had bought him a pair of tefillin for his Bar Mitzvah many years prior but he either had forgotten or not even been told. They rushed the tefilin to the local scribe to check which were found to be possul (defective). The tefillin were not worth fixing and the husband bought a new pair instead. The Rebbe had perceived that there was a pair of tefillin and that they had to be checked.

The punchline however is that a few days later, the person who injured his finger returned to the car lot beaming. His finger had been successfully treated and not only did he not have any plans to sue, he ended up buying a car from them!

Story 2

The couple owned a dog to whom they were attached. One day the disappeared. They were very upset and decided to post an ad in the local paper. Days went by and the dog was still missing.

My relative was becoming very agitated and emotional and asked the local rabbi if it would be appropriate to ask the Rebbe for a blessing to find the pet. The rabbi helped them to compose a fax and an answer came shortly wishing them success in finding the dog.

Within hours they received a phone call from a local resident saying that she had just seen their ad in the local paper and that the dog was with her.

Story 3

In the early 2000's, my relative was pregnant with her second child. During the pregnancy, certain abnormalities were discovered in the fetus via the ultrasound. One was that the kidneys were not developing equally, etc. The parents were obviously concerned and decided to ask for a blessing and advice from the Rebbe. This being after Gimmel Tammuz, they composed a letter, gave it to a local Chabad emissary who put it into a volume of Igrot Kodesh. He opened it to a page where the Rebbe discusses abnormalities in a growing animal but assures the farmer that things would eventually straighten themselves out.

The parents felt a sense of relief but still decided to go back for another checkup. When the doctor returned with the results, she was bewildered as to why they had even bothered to make the appointment. Things looked completely normal.

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