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UK Inflation and the Banking Crisis

The British Statistical Office reports a sharp rise in inflation of 10.4% in February alone!

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UK Inflation and the Banking Crisis
UK Inflation and the Banking Crisis

Following up the overview I gave you yesterday of the crises shaking the world, in which we see signs of the coming of Moshiach, I would like to focus on one of the most influential countries in the West, Great Britain, to which, incidentally, our Prime Minister is paying a visit tonight.

The British Statistical Office reports a sharp rise in inflation (that is, rising prices) of 10.4% in February alone! This is a very serious increase, especially in all things basic food and clothing.

Other UK agencies have issued warnings about shortages of fruit and vegetables in the kingdom, and warned of worsening food security!

We should remind you that this data comes at the same time as reports of a worsening global banking crisis. After the collapse of already 3 banks in the United States (SVB, Silvergate, Signature), the enormous Swiss bank Credit Suisse also collapsed.

Note, we are talking about a bank that existed for about 170 years and was one of the symbols of Switzerland, we can say the embodiment of stability of this country.

More recently, the bank was so stable that during the global crisis in 2008, it did not even need the help of the government. Now UBS, a weaker bank at that time, which needed a government assistance, bought bankrupt Credit Swiss to its advantage.

Credit Suisse shares had dropped 85 percent by the time of the crisis compared to previous years! This bank employed 50,000 people and had assets valued at $500 billion! But now, also, it is forced to report bankruptcy....

Why is this happening?

Maybe G-d wants to show us all, including the financial “sharks,” the world’s elites, politicians and military — Who is the real master of this world — blessed be His Name — and there is no one but Him! We are convinced that the Almighty reminds us about this in many different ways — through the forces of nature, through wars, economic turmoil and political upheaval, through changes of government and demonstrations...

But along with this we remember that the Rebbe’s clear and straightforward promise is: the Redemption will come in joy and grace, in good things visible and revealed to us! There won’t be, G-d forbid, world wars or worldwide economic collapse.

Many times the Rebbe SHLITA emphasizes in his holy conversations that during the Redemption “their money and their gold will remain with them”-in other words, the people of Israel will reach the Redemption not through financial collapse, but with their financial assets.

And this is because it is through their possessions that the people of Israel fulfill many of the commandments. It is not without reason that our sages said that “even the sinners among the people of Israel are as full of commandments as pomegranates,” in other words, every Jew, including those who are different, fulfill many commandments through owning their money and possessions, and therefore they are surely all blessed by G-d, who loves each and every one in the people of Israel...

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